Equity Crowdfunding – How To Stay Relevant To Investors

People who’ve given you their email addresses are expecting regular, relevant information about your crowdfunding campaign. You need to make sure you send a series of quality updates to get new backers and maintain their confidence. But, no one wants to drown in tiny deliberations. Post two or three times a week, and make it substantial.

Use language cleverly to draw people into your updates.

Create some intrigue by not offering all the information up front in the title. If ‘Something Amazing Just Happened’ or ‘Huge Breakthrough has Been Made!’ or ‘This Changes Everything’ – I’d want to read a whole article about it. However, a title like ‘Hooray, 40% of our Goal Reached!’ will miss an opportunity to communicate in depth with the audience.

2-3 posts a week is great, but make sure it’s news and not olds. Be a broken record for too long and people will think your project is stagnating.

Equity crowdfunding campaign updates can make a massive difference.

Use your website, email lists and social media to inform all your tiers of backers about the amazing progress you’re making, This’ll keep them confident in their investment and get new backers on board. Remember that some investors wait until mid-campaign before investing to see if the project gets traction. Impress them, and you should see an influx of momentum.  

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