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We help make the process of Crowdfunding for Small Businesses as easy as can be. We introduce you to the top crowdfunding platforms and receive same day feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding so you don't have to wait up to 4 weeks.


Free Crowdfunding Support

Once introduced and accepted we offer free ongoing crowdfunding support throughout the process, guiding you from 0 to fully funded. 


Crowdfunding for Small Business

At Drop The Crowdfunding Studio we combine our crowdfunding knowledge and experience together to help you plan, manage and optimise your crowdfunding by offering crowdfunding consulting. Our crowdfunding consulting services are provided by our dedicated team, who know the ins and outs of crowdfunding, who can support you throughout this crucial stage, and who can make sure your message is being heard by the masses.

Crowdfunding for small businesses can be difficult as you may not know what you need to run a successful campaign. We work with you to gain a complete understanding of your company in order to decide whether you’re suitable for crowdfunding and to decide what tactics will benefit your campaign, in order to help you to get the results you need for your crowdfunding campaign.

The world of crowdfunding is highly innovative, and we know how difficult it can be to know where to start, so as part of our crowdfunding consulting services we offer:

● Introductions to the top crowdfunding platforms, and same day feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding so you don’t have to wait up to 4 weeks.

● Free ongoing crowdfunding support to guide you from 0 to fully funded.

We believe in creating in helping you build crowdfunding campaigns that are built with the purpose of, not only building your brand awareness and helping you stand out online but getting your message out to your specified audience, therefore allowing you to hit those key crowdfunding goals. Whether your crowdfunding campaign is live, in the early stages before your launch, or able to take pre-orders, we can work with you to produce a meaningful, and long lasting outcome.

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