Micro distillery startup costs UK

To determine whether or not a distillery is a viable business idea, you must first understand all of the costs related to its formation. Setting up your own micro distillery might be a huge success if you’ve done enough research. In this blog, we’ll look at micro distillery startup costs in the UK.

In this blog, we will explore

  • What is a micro distillery
  • What are the micro distillery startup costs UK
  • How to get the funds to cover the micro distillery startup costs UK
  • How we can help you

What is a micro distillery

A micro distillery is a small, generally boutique-style distillery that produces beverage-grade spirit alcohol in small batches, as opposed to the continuous distilling method used by larger distilleries.

What are the micro distillery startup costs UK

Starting a distillery now has no set cost. It relies on a variety of things, including the type and amount of equipment you employ, as well as the location where you conduct business. However, the following information will give you an idea of the typical costs for a  micro distillery startup 

Distilling equipment

Spirits cannot be distilled without the proper equipment. You must decide what products you will produce and how you will produce them in your business plan. You should also have a growth strategy in place so that you can appropriately size your craft distillation equipment, including the boiler, cooling system, pumps, and tanks, and budget for installation costs. You’ll have a better sense of what equipment you’ll need if you know those things.

There are various different sorts of systems, each with its own set of tools and components. Craft stills range in price from £50,000 to £250,000. Because that’s such a large investment, many micro distillery entrepreneurs turn to crowdfund or private investors for funding.

Physical space

You’ll need to consider leasing expenses and overheads if you need to acquire a location. These are almost certainly going to make up a big portion of your monthly expenses.


The success or failure of your new distillery brand could be determined by how well you advertise it. This is crucial to your company’s success. You should have a well-defined budget and a strategy for spending it. No one will ever know if you create the best product in the world if you can’t get it to market.

Company registrations

Setting up a micro distillery requires a lot of paperwork. For as little as £20, you may form a private corporation online. Before you can start making your product for public sale, you’ll need a distiller’s license and permission for your plant and procedure.

How to get the funds to cover the micro distillery startup costs UK

Bank Loan

You have options, from loans to business lines of credit, but no matter which financial path you choose, you’ll need a well-thought-out business plan. Most banks and lenders will want to see your plans and how you intend to carry them out. It’s not easy persuading them to put money in your pocket, but coming in with as detailed a business plan as possible will help your case.


You can go the investor path. Investors, like banks, will want to see a solid plan. For years, using investors to establish a business has shown to be a successful technique. But how much will it cost? You’ll want to make sure you’re okay with the level of control you’re handing to them.

How we can help you

Drop studio helps entrepreneurs find the funds they need to get started by connecting them with the right investors through options like venture capital, crowdfunding, and angel investments to help fund their micro distillery costs in the UK and build their business.

Here are ways Drop Studio can help you get the funds for your Micro distillery

To be successful in your search for the best investors to contact for investment in your micro distillery, you’ll need the correct tools and plan. To begin, you must determine who you will approach in the hopes of attracting your next investment. Second, you’ll need a clear and polished pitch deck to provide investors with the information they need to make an informed decision. Finally, you’ll need a good strategy to tie everything together and ensure a successful fundraiser, and Drop Fundraising can help you with that.

Here is how Drop Studio can help

Investor research

Drop Studio is dedicated to helping you make the most of your fundraising campaign. We’ll help you identify and connect with the best angel networks who own shares in high-growth UK startups in your sector using our investor research. You’ll also get advice on how to contact these investors so that you have the best chance of getting funding.

Campaign consultation

Get unlimited access to Drop Studio’s Angel Investor online course, where you’ll learn how to plan a successful private fundraising strategy and receive templates and advice on how to contact potential investors. Furthermore, you will be able to ask specific questions of a campaign manager through our project management software and receive crucial feedback.

Pitch Deck Support

To give a convincing pitch to angel network investors, having a professional pitch deck is vital. With Drop Studio’s help, you can rest assured that this crucial component of your fundraising campaign will not only feature all of the critical aspects of your business plan but will also have an eye-catching, on-brand design.


Through a step-by-step valuation procedure, Drop Studio’s experts will help you understand how valuable your business is. We examine your company from a variety of angles, resulting in a comprehensive view.

Campaign manager

To help you with your crowdfunding campaign for your micro distillery, Drop studio’s dedicated campaign manager will supervise your whole campaign, from video production to strategy and investor research. You’ll be given access to an online project management tool where you can track your progress and get advice from a campaign manager at any time during the campaign.

Crowdfunding course

Drop Studio’s online fundraising accelerator course will teach you how to design, manage, and optimize your crowdfunding campaign. You’ll be given simple step-by-step directions on how to proceed with the fundraiser during the pre-campaign, private stage, and public stage. Along with a step-by-step strategy, you’ll find many templates to aid your communication throughout the campaign, enhancing your chances of success.

We hope you enjoyed our article on micro distillery. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Drop Studio.

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