Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Introduction

In crowdfunding, your campaign will be competing against others at the same time. Therefore, its important to make your crowdfunding page stand out.

Your product and business idea could be very impressive. However, if it is not presented in the right way, then it might not appeal to investors at all. This guide should help you get a better understanding of how you can make your page stand out.

A team creating a crowdfunding campaign page.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Pitch Summary

There are two sections that an investor will be looking on your crowdfunding page. They are the brief description of your product and the business idea. Investors always explore the campaigns and investment opportunities that are live. As a result, they get to see a brief summary of your pitch before they click on your campaign to read further.

In order to attract as many investors as possible to click on your crowdfunding page, make sure that your pitch summary defines what your business does in an easy to understand manner. It is essential that you summarise the product and the problem it is solving within this section. To make this section even more interesting you can consider mentioning any impressive facts about your business.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Cover Image

There will be a cover image which will be shown in the pitch summary section of your campaign on the investment opportunity page. This will also be visible to investors before they click on your crowdfunding page. Thus it is important that you choose a cover image that goes well with the pitch summary.

It should reflect the business idea and the actual product which your crowdfunding pitch will be about. For the purpose of giving a simple example let’s say: if you are a wine company the most suitable cover image for your crowdfunding page would be an image of a wine bottle or an image that can be easily associated with wine/alcohol. But, of course, it does not have to be limited to this.

Remember the cover image you choose can have an impact on how investors perceive your brand and product. A bright, high-resolution image is more likely to grab people’s attention than an unclear or low-quality image.

When creating a crowdfunding page, innovation is important.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Writing your pitch

In your crowdfunding page, you will have a section to write your pitch. This is the section you need to utilize well, you must ensure you work towards writing a compelling story. Note that there will be investors who will have absolutely no knowledge of the industry you are operating in. Therefore you will have to ensure that you explain the product in a way which is easy to understand for them. Using highly technical language won’t be of much help. Sticking to simple but engaging words is the way to go.

To really make this section stand out don’t forget to include your key achievements or any impressive facts about your business which you can boast about. For example, if your business has won first place in an enterprise competition mention about this in the pitch. This will add some weight to your pitch. As a result,  it will stand out from the other campaigns live at that moment.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Campaign Video

Your crowdfunding campaign video is just as important as your pitch. The key points and facts about your business which you have already mentioned in your pitch should be presented in your video. Remember you only have the first few seconds of the video to catch their attention, which means those few seconds should be used wisely to get the most important points across.

An important part of a campaign page, is the video.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Images

Aside from the cover image, you should also consider including images that will be visible next to your pitch. It allows the readers, in this case, the investors to better understand what you have mentioned in the pitch.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Rewards and Equity-Based Platforms

The way you present your pitch could depend on the type of crowdfunding platform you are launching at. If you are launching an equity-based platform such as Crowdcube then you will be more likely to be required to include financial information in your pitch and the campaign video. Since investors in equity crowdfunding campaigns are likely to invest in a larger amount in exchange for a percentage of share in your business, with equity there is a high level of risk involved.

Thus, they will want you to specify a list of things such as; what the investments will be used for, and how much will be allocated to each of the areas you have mentioned. The way you present your pitch on your crowdfunding page is also likely to be more serious and formal compared to how you will present it in a rewards-based platform

With rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns, you are directly targeting the customers who are interested in buying the product or service, and the rewards associated with it. Two of the most popular rewards-based crowdfunding platforms are Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

You cannot approach these people in the same way you will approach equity investors. When pitching to customers on a rewards-based platform you should shift towards more of a fun and exciting pitch layout. Since they are mainly interested in buying your product, it is important to make the pitch more focused around the product. Talk about how it works, the benefits to them and the rewards associated with the different levels of investment.

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Conclusion

To conclude, it is really important that you can make your crowdfunding page stand out. No matter how good your business idea is if it is not presented in the right way it will not attract investors. If you fail to include an attention-grabbing pitch summary, cover image, video and a compelling story then it is less likely to convince the investors about your business idea/ product. If they don’t feel convinced by your campaign after visiting your crowdfunding page, then they will be less willing to invest their money in your campaign.

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