Why Your Crowdfunding Pitch Video Could Be Damaging Your Campaign

So, we have already told you how having crowdfunding videos are great for your crowdfunding campaign. If you followed the guide we did previously on the 10 tips to crowdfunding videos you can see what would be good to do when making your videos.

Although if they are not done well, they can also be damaging to your campaign. Below we will show you how.

Crowdfunding Pitch VideosEngaging

When making crowdfunding pitch videos you need to make sure that the videos are engaging. Otherwise, the videos won’t hook the user and sell them into donating towards the cause. If your crowdfunding pitch videos don’t engage with the viewer, they may turn away from the cause even though they were interested when they first came onto your crowdfunding page.

This would be bad for the campaign. In other words, it means you don’t get to reach your goal as quickly.

Crowdfunding Pitch Videos – Timing

When making your crowdfunding pitch videos, you need to make sure your timing is correct. Making sure your videos are between 3-5 minutes is a great way to make sure that the user does not lose attentiveness if you have it for more than 5 minutes the user may turn off.

Having the user turn off is bad, as it means that they may not end up investing in the cause because they got bored of the video.

Crowdfunding Pitch Videos – Quality

With your crowdfunding pitch videos, the quality needs to be of a high quality. That refers to the production of the video, the audio, etc. If your crowdfunding video quality is poor, the viewer  may move on to the next crowdfunding campaign,. This means you would lose plenty of potential donors.

As you can imagine this will go against your goal of raising sufficient funding for your cause. Having professional videos done will help provide the quality that’s required, allowing you to avoid that.

Crowdfunding Pitch Videos – Conclusion

To conclude, making sure that you produce the best video possible is essential to help you reach your crowdfunding goal. If your video is very lengthy, its very unlikely that the viewers are going to remain engaged.

You need to ensure that you don’t allow the user to lose engagement with the video because it can lead to you losing the potential donor to other crowdfunding campaigns, which has no positives for you. You also need to make sure the quality of your video is as great as it can possibly be if you don’t believe that you can make the video up to that quality, you can hire professionals to produce the video for you.

If you focus on making sure that the video is if good quality, engaging and doesn’t last past the 5 mins mark, your crowdfunding pitch videos should be suitable for helping you reach your crowdfunding goal.

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