Crowdfunding Plan – Crowdfunding Key Dates

When crowdfunding there are a number of key dates that you will need to have finalised. It is important to have a clear timeline of what you want to achieve from this campaign, and when you want to achieve your goal by.

Crowdfunding Plan – Pre-registration

When you’re in the process of creating your crowdfunding campaign, the first thing that you should create is a pre-registration page. This page is for when you are ready to start looking for potential investors but are not ready to launch your campaign. It helps you give not only potential investors but also customers a hint of what is coming from your business so that you can start building your community as soon as possible. You can collect email addresses that can be used to generate leads for when your campaign officially goes live so that you can turn potential investors into actual backers. The pre-registration page comes before the actual campaign, so this should be done before even the basic planning for the campaign has been thought of.

The reason for a pre-registration page is collecting emails. It has been found that emailing potential investors converts them into investors than any other form of outreach. Launching a page before your campaign helps you gain the momentum you need in order to be successful. By gaining a large number of emails this means that you will be able to gain more contributions and bring awareness to your campaign. The best time to launch a pre-registration page would be 2-4 weeks before you launch your private page. This practice can help generate traffic to your private launch.

Crowdfunding Plan – Private Launch Page

The next step of crowdfunding is opening up a private launch page for your campaign. The ideal time for you to launch privately is 2-4 weeks before your equity crowdfunding campaign goes live to the public. This is to ensure that when you officially go public you can generate momentum in order to reach your funding goal in a short amount of time.

The private launch page works in tandem with the pre-registration page. The way that this works is that you can take the emails that you collected from your pre-reg page, and invite them to invest into your business before the public. This is so that you can pre-raise the money in order to show public investors that there is demand for your product.

Crowdfunding Plan – Public Launch Date

When crowdfunding the first thing that you should decide is when you are going to launch your campaign. Once this has been decided you can find the ideal times to launch your pre-registration and private launch. Public launch means that any potential investor can put money towards your campaign. In addition, they have to signed up to the platform that your campaign is located on. This helps you gain the final bit of investment that you require in order to have a successful campaign.

The best time of the year to launch your campaign publically is from February – Late May. This is because during this time investors receive a tax refund from the previous year, which means that they will have the more disposable income to invest in crowdfunding campaigns. Knowing your public campaign date is crucial as it is the date that you will base your pre-registration and private launch date around.

When equity crowdfunding you should ensure that you do not launch a campaign around major holidays such as Easter or Christmas. The reason for this is that many people do not check their emails around this time as they are out of the office for around 5 business days, and do not periodically check their emails.

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