Crowdfunding Raise

When you are looking to crowdfund a majority of the platforms require you to have a percentage of your investment already raised before they consider you to launch a campaign on their platform. On average they require you to pre-raise around 20 – 35% of the funding goal of your funding goal before you go live. There are a variety of different ways in which you can pre-raise your funding. 80% of campaigns that pre-raise over 30% of their funding early on reach a successful campaign.

Crowdfunding Raise – Pre Registration

Using a pre-registration page is one of the ways in which you can raise a percentage of your initial investment. Through a pre-registration launch, you can see who is interested in your product. This helps you validate your product and build a community for your business. You can acquire emails from the pre-reg page which can be used to generate leads in order to raise the amount you would need to before your campaign. Emailing leads has proven to be the most effective method to turn someone into a solid investor.

You can build a pre-registration page using the crowdfunding platform you are going to use to gather funds, for example, Kickstarter and Crowdcube provide you with the tools to create an appealing pre-registration page. You could also use a tool such as Krowdster, which have their own community of investors who you can appeal to in order to pre-raise the required funds. They enable you to create a page that you can use to gain interest in your product.

Crowdfunding Raise – Reach out to your existing network

You can pre-raise for your crowdfunding campaign by reaching out to people in your existing network. You can reach out to your friends and family in order to raise the beginnings of the funding you require. You can then get them to share information about your campaign, this could be through social media or even just talking to people that they may believe to be interested.

Crowdfunding Raise – Crowdfunding Social Media

You can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to help draw in investors in order to reach your pre-raise investment. The reason social media is so beneficial to crowdfunding is that a majority of the world has at least one form of social media, such as Twitter or even Instagram. Social media helps you reach an audience across the world in order for you to find investment. Individuals can hear more about your product and how it can help benefit them in their daily lives.

Social media, however, is nothing without content. When using crowdfunding social media you want to keep your readers engaged at all times. The reason for this is so that they feel as though they are apart of your campaign. By keeping investors up to date it makes them more likely to invest even if you run another campaign.

You should use interesting content such as videos to show off your product, or even showcase the development of the product so that individuals can see how you are going to progress. Using content such as this is a surefire for you to retain a social following.

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