Having an amazing crowdfunding video script is important when trying to attract potential investors to your product. Ensuring that you have a script that’s been reviewed and is perfect is vital because it could be the make or break of the product/service.

Creating an effective crowdfunding video script provides you with a great quality video as it gives you a structure/guide you can follow. Whereas, simply just talking in front of the webcam, without structure, could lead to you talking and losing the customer due to disinterest.

When creating your script you need to understand that a video is like telling a story. Within the first 5 minutes, you should have a noticeable beginning, middle, and end. But what does this include?

A good crowdfunding video script could start with a pen and paper as shown here.

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough? The Great Beginning.

The beginning should explain who you are individually, and as a company. You should be able to let the viewer understand there was a problem and your product/service would be the solution to that problem. In the beginning, you need to help explain to the user what your position is now and why you’re starting a crowdfunding project for your product or service.

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough? The Solid Middle.

The middle of your crowdfunding video should explain how you got to where you are. For example, if you have done a crowdfunding campaign before, or, an explanation of your product/service response so far, why this project would work with tested answers, a visual representation of the product or service in action and/or sales statistics, and what makes it a good product/service.

These are just some examples to work with, but there are plenty of areas you could include if you believe they will help you stand out.

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough? The Amazing End.

The ending should explain what you’re going to do with the money raised and what success for the product/service would entail. At the end of your video, you would also need to talk about any rewards your offering such as a unit of the product, a percentage of your profit or some kind of membership, and ‘the ask’ for the investment.

Sometimes when crowdfunding video script, you can write down in a notebook exactly what you want to cover.

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough? The Perfect Length

You need to make sure that you keep the crowdfunding video script under the advised 5 minutes mark.

Ensure you start the pitch strong, gaining the viewers attention from the jump. Keeping it short, clear, and interesting throughout will help in keeping the viewer’s interest and even possibly sell them on the product/service. However, avoid including too much information as that may overwhelm the viewer, that way you can allow for the viewer to digest each part of the video.

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough? Conclusion

To conclude, when making your crowdfunding video script you need to make sure that there’s structure. Having a guide will allow you to make sure that everything you need to explain about your product/service will be covered, such as: how you got to where you are, what the money earned can do for your business and service etc.

Keep in mind that to the viewer you’re telling a story, so there should be a clear beginning, middle and end. You should make sure that the viewer understands clearly what your product/service is solving and how they are of use to you, and you’ll want to complete that in under 5 mins so that you can keep them interested in the product/service.

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