Using Social Media To Find Investors

When you have decided upon a fundraising campaign, finding investors for your business is the name of the game. Whether it is to launch a dream with startup funding or progress a passion you are already selling. There are many routes to achieving the golden ticket but the main focus is on where to look. In this post we will cover how entrepreneurs can find investors for startup funding and also how to find investors for a business both locally and worldwide.

Many well known investors appear regularly in the news. Such as Deborah Meaden, who appeared on Dragon’s Den, and Richard Branson, who founded Virgin Airlines. But the more famous they are, the more pizazz your pitch will need, in order to stand out from the rest. Previously, 50-60 was the average age for investors, or those earning above £100,000 salaries. Nowadays, more and more young people are investing. Banks are no longer viewed as a way to increase savings, and the housing market gives much slower returns. Millenials are making their mark and do not view investing as old and stuffy anymore. The age for starting an investment portfolio is around 28. Though with lower salaries, few hold the necessary capital to be the really big backers you will require.

Social Media can sometimes be the best way of getting noticed. The more visibility your new venture has, the more credible it will seem to an investor. Whilst they are valuable in increasing hype, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are viewed more as support for your campaign. In general, businessmen prefer contact on a more serious level. LinkedIn is a valuable tool to find investors online, helping you to connect directly in a more professional environment.

Find investors for your business

Emailing to Find Investors

Emailing is one of the most powerful ways for you to find investors. Email marketing is still held in high regard, though finding the right emails and being noticed in a sea of entrepreneurs is hard work. You will need to make your title attention grabbing or risk being missed in the long inbox list. And the more famous a financier is, the longer their daily amount of emails!

Your product or service must have a unique selling point and something outstanding to catch the investor’s eye. Word your pitch to make it exciting and tantalising and market your unique selling point with a funky video. These are just a couple of ways to get you on the road to securing that pot of gold. A strong campaign strategy ensures you have every chance of being the next talked about business.

Other Channels To Find Investors

Campaign management can be a smooth ride with a reputable company. They want you to win the most pledges and gain the highest possible amount. After all, it is in their interests to run successful campaigns. They wouldn’t be where they are now without a good track record! Which is partly down to the huge amount of helpful advice offered, tailored to your chosen area and specific needs. From assistance of how to market yourself or your business, to angles needed for you to be that something special, they are experts in fine tuning your pitch ideas.

Connect with Investors with our Accelerator

As it goes, do not rely heavily on the general public for large chunks of capital. They are more likely to chip in after a big investor has backed your idea. So, if it’s a sizeable pot you’re after, you will need to decide who to approach privately. A lot is down to you, choosing who to target for funding, which is why having connections comes in very handy.

At Drop, our Investor Accelerator provides you with the tools to reach out and connect with groups of potential investors. We know how tricky it can be to communicate with investors; what do I say exactly? What should I refrain from saying? What will keep their attention? As part of our support and guidance, we include exemplary LinkedIn and email templates giving you simple steps that you can tailor towards contacting investors.