Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Introduction

Why would you need to see crowdfunding video examples you ask?

Well, videos have a huge impact on the success of crowdfunding campaigns. A great crowdfunding video can help encourage the viewers to invest because they get to see what exactly they are financing, whether that’s you or the product/service.

Crowdfunding video examples of an actor in front of a camera

Not enough to sway you?

Well, campaigns with a pitch video raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one. So, what makes a crowdfunding video successful?

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Example One


Pulp is a platform that provides quality wines in order for the user to discover unique wines. They are a company that wants to remove the snobbery from wine creation.

Their main aim when they were crowdfunding was to help potential investors understand what it is they like about wine, and how to choose a wine that would suit them so that they’re not picking at random.

So why is their video a great example?

Firstly, Pulp is a great crowdfunding video example because the crowdfunding video is of great quality in regards to the sound. Throughout the video, they feature an energetic, upbeat soundtrack that compliments the visuals well.

Another reason why it’s a good example is: they used people who would benefit from using the service in the video. This is a great move because it allows the user to hear what’s good about the company, without having to hear from a possibly biased employee of the company; therefore encouraging people to use it and thus improving their credibility.

Finally, Pulp clearly explains what it is they do, what they hope to achieve, and makes ‘the ask’ within 2 minutes 55 seconds, which is an example of what a good crowdfunding video requires.

How did it do?

Pulp managed to raise $24,522 USD in total on the 10th September 2017. They managed to overfund by 20% and hit 100% in just one day.

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Example Two

LightCam: Plug & Play Smart Light Security Camera – IndieGogo

LightCam is a security camera and smart light bulb that provides security without monthly fees and sacrificing your privacy.

So why is their video a great example?

The LightCam crowdfunding campaign video is a great crowdfunding video example because it begins by showing you how to use the product in a short narrated scene at the start of the video. This shows how convenient the product is, instantly displaying how useful the product would be for the potential customers.

Secondly, it’s an excellent example because the creator clearly provides answers with visuals and explanations on the purpose of the product, and all the technical aspects that may have been a worry for those interested.

Lastly, the video is a good example because it was made within the 1-3 minute time limit usually advised for crowdfunding videos.

How did it do?

LightCam has managed to raise $113,525 USD in total as of 07/02/2018. They have managed to overfund by 410%.

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Example Three

Hopstuff Brewery Crowdcube

Hopstuff Brewery is a fast growing brewery that makes craft beer more approachable to everyday people.

So why is their video a great example?

Firstly, this is their third crowdfunding campaign, and they needed the crowdfunding video to have the same impact to get people to get excited to support the business again.

They explain what they achieved since their last campaign and doing this encourages the viewers to believe in what they hope to accomplish.

Secondly, throughout their video they show their bars fully filled with people enjoying the service and products. This allows for the viewers to gain interest and gain excitement on what it is the company do. All of it making it exciting and persuading the investor to be involved.

How did it do?

Hopstuff brewery (funding III) has managed to raise £644,280 GBP in total as of 07/02/2018. They have managed to overfund by 61% with 752 investors.

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Example Four

Core CollectiveSeedrs

Core collective is a new standard of boutique fitness. They provide clients with effective, honest and intelligent methods that value their time, lifestyle and goals – all within a relaxed, luxury environment.

So why is their video a great example?

First of all, Core Collective is an example of a great crowdfunding video because they provide good visuals of what they offer and music that definitely expresses the industry the business is in, all this catches the viewer’s attention immediately. They also visually show you what they aim to do with the money that they are asking for.

Secondly, they insert reviews from big magazine names, that show them in a positive light. The endorsement from these media outlets serves as a great influence on the viewers because it’s not a biased view from the company rather it’s from a critical external company.

Lastly, Core Collective clearly state the rewards when investing in them, which is  ‘a chance to own equity in what we’ve created so far and all our future ongoing expansion’ and also reel viewers into becoming investors.

How did it do?

Core Collective managed to raise £2,056,412 GBP in total on the 11th April 2017. Their initial goal was to crowdfund £1,125,000.

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Example Four

Exploding KittensKickstarter

Exploding Kittens is a card game with a Russian roulette touch to it. It requires players to pick up cards from a deck, with the possible chance of picking up an exploding kitten which removes them from the game. It’s a thrilling and intense game with special powers cards that could shuffle the odds against or in the user’s favour…literally.

So why is their video a great example?

Exploding Kittens is a great crowdfunding video example because it shows creativity.

It’s different from most other crowdfunding videos, as it illustrates how the game works using animation and a narrator. The fun use of animated characters brings out the child in the viewer and attracts them to invest in the crowdfunding campaign.

Secondly, they make ‘the ask’ within the 1-3 minute advised time limit, and even have a reward that they use to entice the viewer to invest in the campaign.

How did it do?

Exploding kittens managed to raise $8,782,571 USD in total. Their initial goal was to raise $10,000.

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Conclusion

To conclude, from the examples above there are many positives that can be taken as an inspiration to enhance your crowdfunding video. From this short list, we can see that creativity, and the inclusion of all the crucial features such as timing and visual representation of the product and/or service help in making a successful crowdfunding video. These are some amazing crowdfunding videos to gain inspiration from, but there are others out that you may think are better or feel like are more inspiring.


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