Our Top 10 Tips On How to Make Good Crowdfunding Videos

Before reading on, you’re probably wondering…why are great crowdfunding videos crucial to include in my crowdfunding campaign?

Well, it’s no surprise that video has a huge impact on marketing in general when 92 percent of B2B customers watch videos…bet you didn’t know that!

Only 33% of campaigns are successfully funded without videos, but that percentage increases to 66% when the campaign includes a campaign video. That’s a significant success rate of 50 percent! This is probably why 81% of executives using videos as part of their online marketing strategy.

In this guide we list out our top crowdfunding video tips to help you run a successful campaign.


Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  1: Quality

It is certainly possible for you to shoot high-quality videos, without having the hi-tech equipment. You can do it using an iPhone or Android device, although you would need to invest in a tripod or a piece of equipment that would hold the device stable.

If you do opt to use an iPhone or Android device ensure that the audio is working perfectly, or you could invest in a clip-on microphone that would optimise the quality of the audio. When considering using this, it’s advisable that you test microphone to make sure that when you are ready to carry out the video, it is of good quality, both visually, and audio-wise.

Also, make sure to shoot the video in a well-lit room, this way you can get the best results.

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Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  2Scripts, Scripts, Scripts.

Before you start your crowdfunding video make sure that you have a good script, one that is well produced. You need to make sure you cover anything that the investor would want to know, for example, what are you crowdfunding for, how much are you looking to crowdfund, when do you want it crowdfunded by…etc.

Before shooting your video, make sure you check it over and over to ensure that its perfect for you because anything short of perfection will result in time being wasted. Ideally, the perfect script will flow well, and fit within a good time frame which brings me to point number 3.

Great Crowdfunding Videos
Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  3:
 Short & Simple!  

So, you want people to invest in your vision?

Well, then you won’t want to lose them on your crowdfunding pitch! You’ll need to make sure the video is short, so anything between 2.5 mins and 3 mins is perfect. This is because, after that time frame, people tend to lose attentiveness and switch off.

The video should have the viewer wanting to know more and/or wanting to invest in what you’re crowdfunding for. Also, animations and pictures in your crowdfunding video are a good way to express certain parts of your idea, so there are some parts of the idea you won’t need to explain via talking.

Using animations and pictures allows you to explain your idea in an understandable way, regardless of how complex the idea is. Getting the viewer to reach the end and invest is the goal of the video, so, ensure that you reel them in as soon as possible to reap success from your efforts.

Great Crowdfunding Videos
Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  4:
 The Best.

Most businesses that crowdfund on platforms such as Indiegogo offer their donors/investors rewards for donating towards the crowdfunding campaign.

Instead of listing all the rewards that you offer and boring the viewer with a long list of rewards, I would advise you to instead list out only the best rewards that you offer.

This would help keep point number 3, and, possibly be what hooks the viewer to your video. The talk of just the best rewards should excite the viewers.

The rewards that weren’t included in the video, can be viewed by the viewer on a separate project page, to inform them of the what the rewards are.

Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  5:
 Be Inspired.
Have you decided to make a crowdfunding pitch video…but you’re unsure how the end product will look?

Don’t worry, looking at other crowdfunding videos is a fantastic way to create a vision of how you want the video to appear. It’s always advisable to watch videos from campaigns that have been successful in raising the funds they required.

By doing this, the video you watch could serve as inspirations for ideas that you may not have known could be done.


Great Crowdfunding Videos

Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  6: Are you a robot?
When making a crowdfunding video, remember that you’re talking to people.

This means you will need to connect with them on a human level.

Tell them a little bit about yourself, because you wouldn’t just speak to a random person without saying hello and letting them know who you are…would you?

Also, speak about how their investment would achieve your goal/dream, people love to buy into helping people achieve their dream especially when it’s something with purpose. Hitting the viewer with an emotional connection during the video should help keep their attention.


Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  7: In use.
A nice touch to your crowdfunding video would be to include the use of the software or product that you are crowdfunding for.

It reduces the possible static look of the video and gives it a nice cut-away, making the video more pleasing to the eye, rather than it looking like an interview for the entirety of the video.

Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  8:
 Let’s keep it legal.
Getting sued really isn’t fun, so don’t get yourself in a pickle.

Make sure when carrying out the crowdfunding video, you stay away from violating copyright laws. The music you chose, or pictures can cause you issues, so make sure to look for royalty-free content.

Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  9: The Ask.
The main objective of the crowdfunding video is for you to get the investment.

So, if you don’t ask for the investment, you simply just won’t get it.

When asking investors to invest in your idea, you need to think about how you ask, what would sell you to invest? Ensure that the ask is sincere, carefully worded and clear. Make sure to create a sense of urgency and action but, also DON’T BEG.

You want to explain in the ask where the money is going, without over-explaining.

To round up the ask, make sure to thank them for supporting your project, politeness is important, it may get you a couple extra investors.

Great Crowdfunding Videos Step  10: Get it everywhere.
After the video is completed, you’ve got work to do.

You’ll need to make sure the crowdfunding video is everywhere. To do this you should post the video on as many outlets as possible, the more people see it – the more potential investment and the more likely you are to reach your goal sooner. Blogs, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Alternatively, to carrying out the shoot by yourself you could hire a company to produce the video for you, then you would only need to focus on what you want to say in the video.

To conclude, with the crowdfunding video, you just need to speak to the camera just like you would a human to express your business idea. Ensuring that you know what you’re going to say fluently and be careful with what you do and don’t include to convince the watcher. Just remember enjoy yourself and don’t forget to ask for what you want.

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