What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length? – Introduction

For your crowdfunding campaign including a video could persuade potential investors to invest in your idea. Therefore your crowdfunding video length is really important, especially when trying to engage with the viewer. It could even lead to an increase in the number of people that convert to actual investors!

What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length? – Creating The Perfect Length For All Platforms

When deciding the length of your crowdfunding video, you’ll need to have in mind what kind of crowdfunding video you’re planning to have. You can create crowdfunding videos that are optimised for specific platforms, for example, Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, by doing this you may end up creating a crowdfunding video too long for other platforms.

When making a video that is optimised for all platforms, ensure that it is short enough to fit on all the sites needed. For example: on Twitter, you could technically put up a 5-minute video, but on Instagram, you’re only allowed 15-second videos.

If this is the path you wish to take you’ll have to make the video 15 seconds long so that you can carry out the optimisation.

However, if your video is quite short, you may only be showcasing your product/service. You’ll be creating the video in the hopes that the short length entices the investor into watching more on a different site, or, that the video itself reels the viewers into investing.

What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length? A Video Just For Investors

When creating a crowdfunding video to present your idea to the investors, your ideal length should be between 3-5 mins. This length is long enough for the crowdfunding video to provide the investor with the information they need. It’s also an ideal length to hold the average attention span.

Crowdfunding.io reports that campaigns with videos under 5 minutes are 25% more likely to reach their goal than those with longer videos.

If you’re making a crowdfunding video to provide all the information about your idea it’s advised to keep your crowdfunding video length under 3 minutes. You shouldn’t extend this time unless you can ensure there is information that investors would definitely be interested in. Also, ensure that the video is visually appealing so the investor can make an informed decision.

However, if you need more time for your sales pitch, take it and catch the investors attention during the extra 2 minutes.

Always be aware of low attention spans, as after 5 minutes potential investors may become disinterested.

Using editing software to create the crowdfunding video length.

What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length? – Conclusion

To conclude, it is crucial you know how you want your crowdfunding video to be before deciding the right length. Different platforms allow for different lengths, so, optimisation may or may not be a suitable option for you.

If you feel like your crowdfunding video is too long, but are unsure of what to remove, you can show it to a pair of fresh eyes and ask for feedback.

Crowdfunding videos are an important part of your campaign, so take time to contemplate your crowdfunding video length.

If you are unsure on how to create a successful crowdfunding video, why not have a look at our video tips to a successful campaign.

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