The biggest problem when searching for funding, is targeting the right investors. In most cases, you will need to approach anywhere from 30-50 potentials before the perfect match is made. But the pivotable investor can sometimes still be elusive.

So many factors affect who will become your next big investor. The current market, location, competition, and your history of trading. Your testaments to support your investment proposal bid, are USP, pitch and a comprehensive business plan. A forecast for projected profits, based on previous sales, promotes a secure grounding for fundraising. These are the tools you need to begin a successful campaign. The next step is to get it into the hands of the right people and make the connection between your business and the necessary financiers.

It’s not unusual for companies to need extra help with this aspect. Having a fundraising strategy, fine tuned and polished, is extremely important but where to send these? Most entrepreneurs start out with family or friends providing capital, and with luck. However, asking them to dig deeper into their pockets can be an impossible request. Some receive government funding but these are hard to obtain and criteria margins are narrow.

Banks are more willing to lend money to businesses already trading, as assets are the guaranteed return. Unfortunately bank loans come with the price of high interest rates and pay back terms. So starting a fundraising campaign opens other doors. Social networks and customers will provide a lot of support. However, they are more likely to part with their cash after you secure a big backer. Indeed, businesses who want to scale up and fast track growth, often hit the stumbling block of who to approach. We hear the request for help a lot and have hit upon a solution.

Looking for investors for my business

Investor Database

Having witnessed entrepreneurs and business investors get together, we have taken a leap and combined our knowledge to produce an investor database. This list of over 400,000 high growth investors, is meticulously organised and partitioned. With extensive information on each individual’s investment history, how much and where, we tailor relevance to your business. Saving you time of sifting through to find their preferred areas of product, sales or services. It will help you decide who best to approach and pinpoint your idea towards the correct investors.

Especially as over 50% already have LinkedIn profiles, reducing the need to research and obtain yourself. The amount of capital being sought filters out a lot of unnecessary communications, as well as the location, market field and returns expected. Fully GDPR compliant to meet the regulations regarding accessing personal information. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know!

So if the thought of ‘I need help looking for investors for my business’ pops in your head, rest assured we can provide the key and help you unlock the door.