Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

The success of any organization depends on its ability to hire the right talent. And that starts with an effective recruitment process. However, the recruitment process can be more complex than it seems. Below we discuss Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the hiring process takes an average of 36 days. And the longer it takes to fill a position, the more costly and frustrating the entire process becomes.

If done right, an effective employee recruitment process can:

  • Reduce the recruitment time

  • Strengthen a company’s brand

  • Streamline the hiring process

  • Improve the employee experience

But how can a company improve the efficiency of its recruitment process?

1. Create a Compelling Employer Brand – Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

First impressions can make or break a relationship. The same goes for the impressions candidates have about your company.

While you can’t control people’s perceptions, you can help influence their opinions of your brand. Start by drafting your mission statement, which should summarize your goals, purpose, vision, and core values.

Your mission statement and core values help define your employer brand and the relationship you want to have with employees, job seekers, and other stakeholders.

Next, update the existing content and create new promotional materials to showcase your brand in a new light. A 2016 Glassdoor Survey found that nearly 70% of job seekers will apply for an opening position if the company actively manages its employer brand by updating the company profile, responding to reviews, and sharing updates on its culture.

2. Write Thorough Job Descriptions – Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

Studies show that poor job postings are the number one cause of low application rates.

According to researchers, job postings should be more than a lengthy list of requirements. An excellent job listing should inspire candidates to apply. More than that, it should help the applicant determine why the company is a good career choice for them.

To make your job listing stand out from the competition and entice the best job candidate, consider adding supporting materials to your job descriptions, which could include:

  • Company awards, certifications, and recognitions

  • Photos of the current employees at the workplace

  • A map of the company’s location

  • Perks and full benefits the company offers for the role

Remember, the job description you write may affect your company’s employee turnover rate. Without being upfront about job details, your business could face high turnover rates. One study found that 33% of new hires left their jobs after only six months.

3. Create an Epic Careers Page – Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

A company’s careers page speaks a lot about the employer.

It gives candidates a glimpse at what it might be like to work for your company and sets the tone for the employee experience.

Most importantly, the careers page creates an opportunity for a company to showcase its culture and illustrate what sets it apart from the competition.

That said, an epic careers page should nail the brand tone and voice and mention what makes the company amazing to work for and what sets it apart from the others. Don’t just list the open roles. Make sure to mention the team and what they love about your company.

Putting effort into creating a robust careers page can draw talented candidates to your website. LinkedIn reports that 59% of job seekers visit the employer’s website after hearing about a job opening in the company.

4. Use HR Tools to Boost Efficiency – Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

Most of the recruitment and selection processes can be automated to boost efficiency and reduce costs. For instance, a company can:

  • Use AI for candidate screening to reduce the time for hire and eliminate bias

  • Employ chatbots to boost engagement with new candidates

  • Implement an applicant tracking system (ATS) to track applicants throughout the entire recruitment process

  • Use candidate re-discovery tools to help re-engage past candidates

There are also tools a recruiter could use to improve marketing and get deep analytics that can help discover, attract, and engage better-qualified candidates. Used properly, HR tools can make the recruitment process easier and cost-effective.

5. Involve Employees in Interviews – Recruiting Tips for Growing Businesses

Traditionally, the hiring decisions have fallen solely on the employer’s shoulders.

But involving the current employees in the hiring process can prove helpful in many ways. First, involving the current employees gives the candidates insights into their future coworkers, team, organization, and culture.

Most importantly, involving employees in the recruitment process gives the employer a broader perspective on candidates. Additionally, it makes the employees feel valued.

Employee involvement in the hiring process can range from interviewing and decision making to simple tasks such as giving candidates a tour of the company.

Wrapping Up

Every company, irrespective of size, should strive to increase the efficiency of its recruitment process. The less time a company spends on recruitment, the less money it will shell out. And the faster it fills a vacant position, the sooner it’ll start earning through the right candidate.

That said, hiring the right candidate fast isn’t always going to be easy.

But with the help of a recruiting expert, you can ace it right from the word go.


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