Inventing a new product, design or solution is a wonderful sign of ingenuity. Being a creative forward thinker, possessing talent and inventing a new idea is brilliance in itself. However, launching into the current market can be extremely daunting. Taking a leap into the capitalistic world is not for the faint hearted and the hoops you have to go through to keep your head above the water could be very time consuming and difficult.

Finding startup business funding can make all the difference for your company. However, with fewer banks offering business startup loans and Government schemes limited, many entrepreneurs turn to startup investors. And yet, where do you find and how do you reach out to investors?

How do you secure startup business funding in the UK?

The revolution of entrepreneurs in the UK has not dwindled and according to Merchant Savvy, there are around 415,000 new companies established every year. Since 2001, the yearly birth rate of new businesses has averaged a growth of 12%. As a result, the competition for the attention of startup investors is ruthless.

Startup business funding is a very risky investment proposition. A brand new venture is much more of a gamble for investors because there is no track record or loyal customer base. To get the ball rolling, you will have to inspire confidence inĀ  your venture and a great way to do that it so secure reputable backing. So targeting investors who have invested in startup businesses is a sensible way forward. Unfortunately, knowing how to contact them is the hard part.

Startup Business Funding UK

Sourcing Startup Investors

As finding out relevant startup investors is not a walk in the park, Drop Studio have built a database of high-value backers that could help your startup business funding. Our extensive list chronicles small business and private investors into groupings of area, prefered sectors, investment history and relevance. Whether it be financially supporting similar products or services within your consumer market, or investing in diverse fields, we have every angle covered.

The list of cornerstone investors is GDPR Compliant and always current. Compiled and indexed meticulously, we are continually working on it to update and proliferate. The investor database will save you a lot of time researching yourself and comes with inside information that you might not have access to.