Fundraising Campaigns

There have been many success stories of entrepreneurs achieving financing through investments. We regularly read in the news of accomplishments all over the world. In the UK, the number of people seeking funding has not dwindled. Odds are getting greater to be that something special and the next talked about business. But securing funding is not just about being the next sliced bread invention. Finding a high-value list of investors who can further your dreams can be a battle.

What a lot of people don’t realise, is that fundraising campaigns are not simple but require a lot of time and dedication. Getting off the ground and obtaining your initial investments at first seems easy, but in actual fact can be a very difficult process. The public are generally not the biggest backers and usually will not part with funds until bigger fish have joined in. Knowing who to reach out to, in order to get your pivotable capital, is a tricky thing. Of course, if you have some in mind then that is wonderful. Though sometimes your personal contacts won’t or can’t help, and this can be frustrating. Having an amazing idea and being turned down is disheartening to say the least!

Spreading the Love

One thing we know is that many investors don’t like to put all their eggs in one basket. They like to spread their investments whilst keeping within the same areas. Keeping financial interests in groupings of type, size and location makes management much easier. So it is much better to proposition a known investor who already operates in your market.

At Drop Studio, we provide you with all the tools to find, connect and reach out to potential investors with our Investor Accelerator. Part of this service includes a 1-1 workshop which we’ll help you discover potential investors through thorough research into:

-Number and values of shares in high-quality growth UK businesses
-Buzzword/ sectors- Find who has invested in companies within certain sectors
-Competitors- Find who has invested in your competitors

As well as providing detailed insights into:
-Investors Names
-LinkedIn Profiles
-How much they have invested
-Which businesses they have invested in