Tips For Crowdfunding Video – Why You Need A Crowdfunding Video?

Having a Crowdfunding campaign video is one of the essential elements of a successful crowdfunding page but there are still many campaigns which go live without a video. Find out what the consequences can be of crowdfunding without a video and why you need a crowdfunding video.

What Happens When You Start Crowdfunding Without A Video? There is a significant difference between campaigns that launch with a video and campaigns which don’t.

According to Indiegogo as of 2015, their research shows that crowdfunding campaigns with a pitch video present on their campaign page raise 4 times more funds than campaigns that do not have a pitch video. Many investors will prefer watching a video that sums up the whole campaign when they make their first visit on the campaign page rather than reading a lengthy pitch that can be boring and cause the reader to lose focus.

Tips For Crowdfunding Video – A video can help you explain your business idea better.

Campaigns which crowdfund without a video often fail to gather sufficient investments because they fail to make the investors fully convinced of the business idea. Sometimes for people to understand your vision behind the company and the product it is easier to walk them through everything via a video on top of the pitch text. Having a video will allow you to visually demonstrate your business idea.

We can take the example of Gartenzwerg Indoor Gardening System. The concept behind the gardening system they have developed seems to be better understood when you watch the video.

For businesses in the tech industry i.e. for software companies, it will be even harder to explain the product/ idea without a video. People with no knowledge of the particular industry are likely to understand the idea better when they watch a video that shows exactly how this type of software operates.

Take Veeqo for instance. It is an online retail management software. People with no idea of how this software is supposed to work are likely to watch their campaign video first before they go on to read the pitch.

Tips For Crowdfunding Video – A Video can allow you to form a personal connection with your audience.

Crowdfunding without a video will also mean that you will be unable to form a personal connection with your audience. The audience are the people who will invest in your campaign. If you fail to form that connection with them, they won’t feel the need to get engaged with your campaign. To make them engaged with your campaign, you need to create an engaging video which truly communicates your idea and story to them.

To form this personal connection, you can consider having a section within the video where you not only show how the product or your idea is meant to function but also introduce yourself and your team. Introducing yourselves and saying a few words about the vision you all share can really enhance the credibility of your campaign.

Tips For Crowdfunding Video – People are likely going to remember what you have mentioned in your video than in the text.

People are likely going to remember what you have mentioned in the video than in text. Video allows you to use elements such as graphics, animation, 3D effects as well as sound and visual effects that can excite the audience about your campaign.


You might spend a huge amount of time in building your business idea but if the idea is not conveyed appropriately, your efforts i.e. hard work in building the idea/ product concept might not pay off well. Having an effective crowdfunding video can act as a powerful tool for making your campaign a success, so it is definitely one of the key boxes you must tick before launching your campaign.

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