Revolutionising UK Start-ups: The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a popular way for entrepreneurs and start-ups to raise funds, but the traditional crowdfunding model of donating money in exchange for a reward has its limitations.  That’s where equity crowdfunding comes in. Instead of receiving a reward, investors receive equity in the company they are funding. This article will explore the rise … Read More

Crowdfunding loans UK

Crowdfunding loans in the UK aren’t easy to come by. Setting up a crowdfund campaign is no easy feat, but when done properly through Drop Studio, you and your business stand a higher chance of securing those much-needed funds than you would have had you gone at it alone. In this blog we’ll explore: What … Read More

Crowdfund London

You must have come across Facebook posts asking you to back someone’s project or Instagram popping up stories of how you can help build a product or maybe when you play games online, all by lending small amounts of money. Millions see these ads, and thousands are motivated to lend, and that’s how crowdfunding works. … Read More

A Guide to Equity Crowdfunding in the UK

So you’ve heard about equity crowdfunding in the UK, but need more information on what it is and how it works? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out exactly what equity crowdfunding is, how it works, what are the risks and benefits from it. Equity crowdfunding is where people invest in … Read More

The 5 Pillars of Crowdfunding Marketing

At this point, we are going to assume that you already have a good understanding of what crowdfunding actually is, how it works and what type of crowdfunding campaign would work best for you, depending on your goals and development stage of your business. If you are yet to consider if crowdfunding is a good … Read More

How Does Crowdfunding Work

crowdfunding has become a viable financing mechanism for individual entrepreneurs and businesses alike. But how does crowdfunding work exactly? In this article, we will guide you through the basics of how crowdfunding works. We will also share some important insights along the way. In this article:       An introduction to crowdfunding;     … Read More

Crowdfunding Investment – Is It Right For Your Business?

Crowdfunding investment introduction Crowdfunding is the process of seeking financial support to back your project from a large number of people. As a result, it goes beyond the traditional modes of financial resources provided by banks, business angels or venture capital firms. Crowdfunding is an open call through the internet for the provision of capital … Read More

7 Crowdfunding Tips For Nonprofits

Crowdfunding is a very successful method of gaining funding. These are some crowdfunding tips for nonprofits that are incredibly useful to know because as a nonprofit the way you go about crowdfunding is slightly different to that of profit earning organisations. Below are a couple tips that could help your campaign: Crowdfunding Tips For Nonprofits: … Read More

Crowdfunding Social Media Tips: What Social Media Should I Use?

Crowdfunding Social Media Tips: What Social Media Should I Use? In this blog, we will be giving you some great crowdfunding social media tips because we know that a well-marketed crowdfunding campaign brings in both a community for your product and also the funds you need to reach the goal that you have set for yourselves. … Read More

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: A Step By Step Guide

Creating A Crowdfunding Page That Stands Out: Introduction In crowdfunding, your campaign will be competing against others at the same time. Therefore, its important to make your crowdfunding page stand out. Your product and business idea could be very impressive. However, if it is not presented in the right way, then it might not appeal … Read More

What is a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Ever wondered ‘what is a crowdfunding campaign?’, well, crowdfunding is an alternative method of raising capital instead of the traditional methods of gaining capital from bank loans. When running a campaign there is normally a limit of around 30 days to obtain the funds that you have set.  The way in which capital is obtained … Read More

100% Funded in 1 Day?! Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Why do you need tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign? Stuck for what you need to make your campaign a success?  Our guide will give you the knowledge on how to set up a crowdfunding campaign. Read on to gain our top tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign! What is a crowdfunding campaign you may ask? … Read More

Why Do Social Media and Crowdfunding Go Hand in Hand?

Social media and crowdfunding go hand in hand like two peas in a pod. Social media allows business owners to raise awareness to their business goals or to the crowdfunding campaign that they are running on various platforms such as Crowdcube or Indiegogo. Alternative funding relies heavily on social media before, during and after a … Read More

Is Your Crowdfunding Video Script Good Enough To Get You 100% Crowdfunded?

Having an amazing crowdfunding video script is important when trying to attract potential investors to your product. Ensuring that you have a script that’s been reviewed and is perfect is vital because it could be the make or break of the product/service. Creating an effective crowdfunding video script provides you with a great quality video … Read More

How to Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign – Introduction More small companies are using crowdfunding to raise funds as an alternative to traditional funding options. So knowing how to market your crowdfunding campaign is incredibly important! How to Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign – Why? Marketing your crowdfunding campaign is crucial to its success. This is because … Read More

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign

Five Crowdfunding Video Examples To Inspire Your Campaign: Introduction Why would you need to see crowdfunding video examples you ask? Well, videos have a huge impact on the success of crowdfunding campaigns. A great crowdfunding video can help encourage the viewers to invest because they get to see what exactly they are financing, whether that’s … Read More

What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length?

What Is The Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length? – Introduction For your crowdfunding campaign including a video could persuade potential investors to invest in your idea. Therefore your crowdfunding video length is really important, especially when trying to engage with the viewer. It could even lead to an increase in the number of people that convert … Read More

Why Should You Consider Investing In Startups?

Why Should You Consider Investing In Startups?  Investing in startups could be a great way, to see your money multiply. As an investor, there are many possible ventures that you could invest your money into. Through investing in startups you could be apart of the journey for the next big product, helping them innovate every … Read More

How to Select the Right Crowdfunding Sites For Businesses!

How to Select the Right Crowdfunding Sites For Businesses! Are you thinking about using crowdfunding for your business? Crowdfunding is a great low-risk method to gain monetary investment to grow your business or help in product development. When considering crowdfunding, there are several platforms that you can pitch your idea to, depending on the campaign or … Read More

Top Five Reasons for Small Businesses to Crowdfund!

Why would you do crowdfunding for a business startup? Well, for a startup company, raising funds is an important part of being able to grow, and for most startup businesses it’s hard to qualify to get a loan. Rewards-based crowdfunding on Indiegogo or Kickstarter could be a safer and more beneficial alternative for a business … Read More

Our Top 10 Tips On How to Make Great Crowdfunding Videos

Our Top 10 Tips On How to Make Good Crowdfunding Videos Before reading on, you’re probably wondering…why are great crowdfunding videos crucial to include in my crowdfunding campaign? Well, it’s no surprise that video has a huge impact on marketing in general when 92 percent of B2B customers watch videos…bet you didn’t know that! Only … Read More

How to get startup funding for your business

How to get startup funding for your business Startup funding for a business is a difficult venture. You’re a startup business and are finding it difficult to get off the ground. You also believe extra funding could make running your business a lot easier. Since you’re a startup business it may be hard for you … Read More

Social Media For Crowdfunding: How It Can Help Your Campaign

Social Media For Crowdfunding: How important is it Social media is a relatively new concept, a brand new product of the 21st century. During its short lifespan, social media has prominently influenced the communication of many companies among a vast array of industries, and the crowdfunding industry is not an exception. To fully realize the … Read More

Crowdfund Campaign – What It Is?

Crowdfund Campaign – What is it? A crowdfunding campaign is essentially presenting your product or service that you want to launch on a crowdfunding platform for the world to see. Your campaign must provide information about the organisation and provide a better view of the business for potential investors. When assembling the pitch materials together, … Read More

Equity Crowdfunding – How To Stay Relevant To Investors

Equity Crowdfunding – What Is It? Equity Crowdfunding is alternative way to gain capital in a business by offering up part of your business in return. The way which crowdfunding works is that you appeal to potential investors or backers of a crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo or Crowdcube, who are always looking to invest into the … Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Maintain Your Campaign’s Momentum

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Maintain Your Campaign’s Momentum Okay, your crowdfunding campaign’s a clear winner. A patented money printer. Your pitch video’s a well-worded killer. But wait. If nobody’s aware of you, those pledges will come in drips, not waves. Getting the support of backers in advance will turn that launch date into a floodgate. … Read More

Crowdfunding Social Media Strategy Can Catapult Your Campaign

Social Media for Crowdfunding: How It Can Catapult Your Campaign Having a crowdfunding campaign strategy is important to launching a successful campaign and your social media is a key factor when trying to raise awareness. It’s changed the way human beings relate to one another. One thing’s certain, if you want crowdfunding success, you’ll need … Read More

Crowdfunding Press – How Your Campaign Can Get Great PR

Crowdfunding Press – How Your Campaign Can Get Great PR There’s a lot of Ps and Rs to concern yourself with in the crowdfunding world. Peer Recognition, Press Releases, Progress Reports, and chiefly of all, Public Relations. PR outreach is often overlooked. You might be hoping that you just have to open the lid of … Read More

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy – Why You Need An Email List

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy – Why You Need An Email List Nowadays, social media is the centre of speech, it seems. But before you hurtle into it headlong, consider a more effective weapon: Emails. They allow you to stop bellowing from balconies and target your message to the right individuals. This is why you receive 9 … Read More

Crowdfunding Video Tips – How To Make A Successful Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding Video Tips – How To Make A Successful Crowdfunding Video Images are worth a thousand words If images are worth a thousand words each, and a video is at least 24 images per second, we’re looking at, what, 1,440,000 words per minute? That’s 23 books. That’s maths. But what are these words saying? In … Read More

Crowdfunding Projects: Is All About Your Story, So How Do You Tell It?

Crowdfunding Projects:  Is All About Your Story, So How Do You Tell It? Stories are built into our DNA. If your campaign tells a good story, the contributors will come in crowds. Convey the passion, the hardship, the challenges, the breakthroughs and the personal touch that makes your project inspirational. Whether you do it through … Read More

How To Set Up Crowdfunding Campaign – The Definitive Guide

How To Set Up Crowdfunding Campaign? You’ve got an incredible idea, and now all you need to do is get attention and funding for it, and since you’re reading this, you’ve decided crowdfunding could be the right option for you, but we know how difficult it is to decide where to start. That’s why we’ve created … Read More

Crowdfunding Rewards – Why Your Campaign Needs Great Rewards

Why Your Campaign Needs Great Rewards Crowdfunding Rewards – What can I give? The dawning dilemma of the crowdfunding campaign. Answer it right and the matter of what you can get becomes clearer. Backers want to see your idea come striding into the daylight, but mostly they want something worth their while, worth their money, … Read More

Raise Investment

Raise Investment – Guarantee Investment When Crowdfunding Launch day is a tense day. A turbulent day. And the days preceding it are tense, turbulent days, too. It’s the day you lift the lid on your hard work to find out if you’ve made a stallion or a salmon. When the whistle sounds, you want to … Read More

Crowdfunded: Why Preparation Is The Key To Success

Crowdfunded: Why Preparation Is The Key To Success. Want to get shot out of that crowdfunding canon with a blast? Hang on. Let’s spend some time calculating your trajectory first. I know the crowdfunding landscape looks green and bountiful and endless, but without devising a velocity and direction, you’ll make your landing somewhere much bleaker … Read More

Crowd Funding Campaign – Finding the Right Crowd

Crowd Funding Campaign – Finding the Right Crowd One of the most exciting things about crowdfunding is seeing your crowd grow from a few close friends to a few hundred acquaintances, to a few thousand complete strangers. Heck, reaching a few million isn’t out of the question. Before reaching out, you’ll need to figure out … Read More

Crowdfunding Help – Having A Team Is Critical To Your Success

Crowdfunding Help – Having A Team Is Critical To Your Crowdfunding Campaign’s Success According to Indiegogo, working in a team makes the success of your crowdfunding campaign 3 times more likely. In other words, in a team, you divide and conquer those enormous tasks. As a result, you can get critical feedback and opinions. You … Read More

Crowdfunding Advice – How To Set Your Crowdfunding Goal

Crowdfunding Advice – How To Value Your Business And Set Your Crowdfunding Goal Accordingly How high should your crowdfunding goal be? Well, if it’s not right, your investors could lose confidence in your ability to value your business correctly. Goldilocks had the right idea. It needs to be just right. Once you’ve made your bed, … Read More

How To Do Crowdfunding – Your Financial Forecast

How To Do Crowdfunding – Your Financial Forecast Your financial forecast helps investors to understand the future of your business and make judgements about its potential. It’s challenging to make future predictions when your business hasn’t even started yet, but it’s vital to earning the confidence of your investors- a business with long-term aspirations is … Read More

What is Crowdfunding? Reward, equity and donation crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is where a large group of individuals invest in the funding of a project. This is typically done online. It is considered an open call through the internet for the provision of capital goods. As a result, crowdfunding allows individuals to bring their innovative creations to life and build a customer base. Along the … Read More