Crowd Funding Campaign – Finding the Right Crowd

One of the most exciting things about crowdfunding is seeing your crowd grow from a few close friends to a few hundred acquaintances, to a few thousand complete strangers. Heck, reaching a few million isn’t out of the question.

Before reaching out, you’ll need to figure out the maximum number of potential investors, who they are, and how you’ll reach them. Making use of the social spheres of your whole team will help tremendously with this.

Crowd Funding – Your first tier

This is your best starting place. Friends and family won’t turn you down. As long as you remember their birthdays, they’ll like, share and favourite to infinity. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so as long as you know that socks aren’t a present, they’ll offer you thoughtful, discerning feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

Crowd Funding – Your Second Tier

Know a guy who knows a guy? Well, that guy’s your second tier. The people just beyond the reach of your social circle. Getting them enthused can start a chain reaction that can be like igniting rocket fuel..

Crowd Funding – Your Third Tier

This is the strangers. The randoms. This is where your influence reaches deep space. Imagine 5 shares turning to 25, 25 turning to 625, 625 turning to 390,525, 390,525 turning into 152,587,890,625. Okay, slight exaggeration, but with enough third-tier zeal, your project will launch into stardom and drift ever outwards, baking in the precious warmth of popularity.

Know what motivates your crowd

To know this, you must consider how your product or service benefits them. If you’re a fast-computer company, solving the problem of slow computers, take your audience’s specific interests into account. For example, they might be gamers. They might be video editors, designers, server technicians or Bitcoin miners. Do they frequent specific blogs? Which social media figures represent them? Infiltrating these spheres of conversation will help you understand your industry’s problems better, and spread awareness of your unique solution.

Connecting with the crowd

If you can’t connect with your crowd, they won’t hold an interest in your idea for long. Whenever possible, update them on your progress and make them feel involved. Listen to them, give them influence and let them interact with your product. Continually giving them great original content to keep them hooked will prove your commitment.

In a world of digital identities, it’s easy to undervalue face-to-face interaction. Holding an event can be a great way to meet and keep fans, creating new ones while you’re at it. You could also host competitions, have online giveaways and chat with fans over live streams. However you do it, remember to keep it relevant to your project, and maintain the goal of driving people to invest in you.

Do you need advice about finding your crowd?

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