Crowdfunded: Why Preparation Is The Key To Success.

Want to get shot out of that crowdfunding canon with a blast? Hang on. Let’s spend some time calculating your trajectory first. I know the crowdfunding landscape looks green and bountiful and endless, but without devising a velocity and direction, you’ll make your landing somewhere much bleaker and desolate.

Have Everything Ready Beforehand

Before you even look at that launch button, make sure you have posts, updates, videos and other good stuff planned beforehand. If you anticipate a spike of media attention mid-campaign, have something ready to re-galvanise your pledgers. Don’t give away everything at once though- play it like that race-winning turtle who knew when his energy was best spent.

Develop your story

Loving a great story is the weakness of our species. Construct the perfect narrative and backers will be so weak at the knees that they’ll be tumbling past your feet in rivers of pure pledge. Read our other article about telling your story.

Know your investment plan

Know where your money is coming from and when. You should aim to have 30% of your investment locked down before your campaign begins. Friends, family and fans – go through the list and make sure they’re all ready for your campaign and to back it. Learn more about how to do this here.

Before you can do this, however, you’ll need to compile the email addresses of all those who could be interested. Check out our article on this subject here.

Investment peaks at the beginning and end, but a mid-campaign lull can grind things to a halt. 

You’ll want to keep a steady momentum of attention throughout your campaign. See our article about building and maintaining momentum here.

Crowdfunded: Conclusion

Isn’t life so simple when you’re prepared? A great sailor knows how to manipulate his mast to exploit the winds whichever way they’re blowing. With the right knowledge, you’ll curtail the crowdfunding currents and dock neatly at the pier of plentiful pledges.

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