Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Maintain Your Campaign’s Momentum

Okay, your crowdfunding campaign’s a clear winner. A patented money printer. Your pitch video’s a well-worded killer. But wait. If nobody’s aware of you, those pledges will come in drips, not waves. Getting the support of backers in advance will turn that launch date into a floodgate.

The real campaign begins the moment you touch base with your audience. According to Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin, over 65% of campaign funding is secured before launch day. Even if your first few days feel fruitful, that birth-day buzz might not be enough to sustain you through the prolonged winter of the campaign period. In fact, 60% of crowdfunding campaigns aren’t able to do this. You need to sow the seeds early to survive. And here’s how to do it.

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Make great posts at the right times

Quality social media content is crucial. For the age of quick consumption, keep your content quality, clear-cutting, concise, and compelling. Be a fad that lasts. Lavish your feed with fantastic photographs and films, locate the fullest feature articles. Make your backers best-loved Facebook page. Who are you? What are you offering? If your name and your images answer this in the snap of a finger, everything will flow. @flowhive is a great example of this. Post frequently and punctually. Seek help from an automated scheduler like

Whether you’re willing to hire photographers, filmmakers and sound experts to make this content shine will depend on your budget. But it’s important to consider that if well done, these things can pay for themselves in the way of influence and recognition. Can’t hire? Recruit friends and family. You’ll need help to heed that schedule and whip those heavy tasks into line.

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Use your mailing list strategically

Bored of wailing into the wind? Pull out your mailing list and cash in a few favours. Remember, it isn’t always wise to encourage investment from everyone on day one. See if you can schedule your planned investors throughout the campaign, to create the appearance of lasting interest.

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Target the right people at the right time

Don’t just say stuff to anyone and everyone constantly. If you have a number of backers committed to backing you on day one, your initial updates could be directed at them. As your campaign gains traction, a higher percentage of investment will come from strangers. As such, make sure they’re fully aware of what your product offers and why they should invest. If you’re expecting an influx of high-tier backers mid-campaign, you might want to add on befitting rewards when appropriate.

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Show off your momentum

Flaunting your momentum will get you more momentum. Constantly tromboning about how great your product is can be useful, but when your campaign is underway, progress is the most relevant thing. Don’t enrage your fans- produce enjoyable content to engross and grow your voice. Emily Best, the CEO of Seed&Spark recommends a content: promotion ratio of 9:1. As you rise to new heights, your content should get better and more frequent to reflect that.

To ensure your success, make your audience feel enriched, not ensnared. Enthralled, not enveloped. Engaged, not enslaved. What does that entail? If enamoured enough, they’ll freshly endorse you and endow your campaign with enlarged influence and enthusiasm. If that wasn’t enough, entering into topical conversations can fuel the engine of influence and make your campaign seethe with energy.

Our client Veeqo raised over £1,200,000 in 2 days on Seedrs. Another of our clients Pulp, reached their 1-month Indiegogo funding goal of £20,000 in one day. These campaigns delivered great videos and marketing material before and during their campaigns, so they were able to emerge into the limelight and stay in it.

So, when it comes to wetting yourself with the cold crowdfunding waters, it’s better sooner done than later. Build your influence, experiment with content, and find the right influencers before you’re wetting yourself with something else.

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