Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy – Why You Need An Email List

Nowadays, social media is the centre of speech, it seems. But before you hurtle into it headlong, consider a more effective weapon: Emails. They allow you to stop bellowing from balconies and target your message to the right individuals. This is why you receive 9 emails per day for e-cigs, realistic wigs, organic figs and dashboard pigs for big rigs.

So, your first attack strategy should be to attain the emails of those in your inner network that might be interested. Once you have a decent list, you’ll have more traction in your efforts to influence your audience. Don’t be afraid to approach friends, family and colleagues- their support can make a huge difference in the end.

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy: Don’t know how to create your mailing list? Here are a few tips:

  1. Add a landing page to your site, then slip a little email capture form inside. You’ll have to offer them something of unique value, like exclusive articles, early access, e-books and insider information. If you don’t have a site, you could use something like Indiegogo’s Coming Soon. In all, this is a great way to manoeuvre closer to the people already interested in your project.
  2. Get email addresses in person. When attending or hosting relevant events, send a sign-up sheet around. Encounter refusal? Offer cakes, macaroons, jammy dodgers, or some other confectionery bribery in exchange for that address.
  3. Get people to share. Sharing is an incredibly powerful concept. 1 can become 5, 25, and then 625.  So whenever you send something out, encourage people to share your content.
  4. Use social media to target further afield. Snatch the details of those beyond your social reach by running ads and scheduling tweets. Keep it interesting, keep it simple, include a mixture of promotional and engaging content, and remember to include a link to your email capture form.
  5. Join conversations. Engage in twitter chats, forum threads and social media conversations to get your great ideas out there. Mention your project, and demonstrate why it makes life so much better for those involved.

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy: And that’s the gist of it.

Remember though, many large companies are trying to do the same thing, and it isn’t easy. You have to keep experimenting to see what sticks with your audience. Be prepared for few long, uncomfortable minutes of silence and don’t let it damage your morale.

Speaking of morale, if you want to protect it, you’ll have to whip out all those time management skills you learned in school. Schedule a time to send these emails- you might start with 5-10 per day and see if you can increase it from there. Emails sent with ample time will be much more coherent than those scrawled in a blind panic hours before your campaign launches. Also, respect your backers’ time and attention to proofreading your emails, sharpening and trimming them where you can.  

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy: Now, let’s say your mailing list is long and lofty.

Let’s say all potential pledgers know your product. And hey, let’s say you have them hooked. You’ll still need to call them to action with details about when you campaign is running and why they should invest in it. If you can release a few well-directed emails with a well-honed message, you’ll see the benefits in your campaign pledges.

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