Crowdfunding Press – How Your Campaign Can Get Great PR

There’s a lot of Ps and Rs to concern yourself with in the crowdfunding world. Peer Recognition, Press Releases, Progress Reports, and chiefly of all, Public Relations. PR outreach is often overlooked. You might be hoping that you just have to open the lid of your freshly baked campaign the delicious smell will entice backers from miles around. Well that isn’t the case. You’ve actually got a great deal of wafting to do.

Crowdfunding Press – Scour the internet for publications relevant to your campaign and try reaching out to them.

Look up similar campaigns from the past see what kind of press coverage they targeted. Ask people you know if they know a guy who knows a guy in the press. The more momentum your campaign has, the more apt it is for publication. Asking reporters to publish when your campaign is live will contribute to a flood of attention (If you get published, make sure to include your project URL in the article!)

Crowdfunding Press – Outreach

Remember, you want to stuff plenty of gunpowder into the cannon before it fires. Make sure you do lots of outreach before launch day, and you’ll burst out of the gate with an explosion of momentum. Those early backers will feel like they’ve found something special. This’ll push those fence-sitters onto your side, too. Who’ll be impressed by a campaign that plops onto the pavement like a limp, slippy blob of object? Hitting the road with screeching tyres will inspire a belief in your project, driving pledges massively.

Unfortunately, reaching out is a difficult endeavour, and you’ll have to get used to being ignored by people. Some aren’t interested, and some won’t even register your presence. In today’s attention economy, you’ll be one of a great many things vying for people’s awareness. Like a turtle in egg-laying season, you need to play the numbers game. Build a contact list, build it extensively, but build it sensitively. Adding anyone and everyone in an automated fashion could lead to indiscretion. For example, you wouldn’t want to advertise your computerised, rotary nutcracker to your friend with a deadly nut allergy.

Crowdfunding Press – When contacting writers, ask yourself.

Is my product relevant to their publication?

Have they written about similar campaigns in the past?

Will coverage of my business add to what they’ve written in the past?

Though, also consider that you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. If you get your claws into a particularly high-quality reporter, it might be worth offering them exclusive publishing rights to seal the deal.

If you don’t have any close friends in the media, consider using these tools – Muck Rack, Cision, HARO, and Followerwonk. They can help put you in touch with writers and bloggers who are interested in your topic.

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