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Social Media for Crowdfunding: How It Can Catapult Your Campaign

Having a crowdfunding campaign strategy is important to launching a successful campaign and your social media is a key factor when trying to raise awareness. It’s changed the way human beings relate to one another. One thing’s certain, if you want crowdfunding success, you’ll need to use it well.

Social Media for Crowdfunding: Don’t flood Social Media

You want your fans to feel valued, not feel annoyed or like they’re being pushed into something. The balance here is quite delicate, but there’s a sweet spot. Generally, you’ll want to post on Facebook once per day and twitter 4 times per day. Instagram is similar but depends on how much visual content you have.

Social Media for Crowdfunding: What should you look to post?

Firstly you want to prepare your followers for your upcoming campaign. There are multiple ways to do this, from a countdown to a photograph of your team waiting to press the launch button.

Secondly, to make sure your campaign launches with a blast, we’d recommend a great, engaging pitch video. Find out more about how to make one here [link] The hope is for your first tier and second tier crowds to share it, so you can generate a third tier crowd.

Now, you don’t want to flood your social media with too much information, and you don’t want to burn brightly then fizzle out. This is where preparing posts come in useful.

Let’s say it’s 6 days into your campaign and you still haven’t gotten 25% of your funding. Before you launch into a panic, flooding the internet with pleas for investment, think about the preparation you’ve made. Are there any PR opportunities surrounding you that you can use to kick life into your campaign? It’s best to hold off on the panicking and make every moment count.

Social Media for Crowdfunding: What tone should you post in?

You want to start an open dialogue with your investors, but you also want a confident voice with presence. Unless you’re targeting equity investors, people tend to respond to a more personable and less corporate approach when it comes to social media. Much of your audience will be viewing your posts in their leisure time.

Colloquial and professional tones aren’t mutually exclusive. Make sure everything is well written and you express yourself articulately. Polarising or insensitive views are best avoided unless they’re relevant to your campaign. Social media is about connection and if your page is welcoming and exudes positivity, you’ll draw people in.

Social Media for Crowdfunding: Useful tips for your crowdfunding campaign strategy & crowdfunding social media strategy

– Prepare a bank of good photos to use across the social media platforms.
– Change your cover photo or profile picture to tell people that you’re crowdfunding.
– Use popular and trending hashtags on your posts to raise awareness.
– Make sure whenever you talk about your campaign that you leave a link to it in the post.
– If you’re using Instagram add other similar businesses or people in your industry.
– If you’re part of a team make sure everyone pulls their social media weight together.

Remember that whilst social media isn’t the only form of communication

It’s important if you want your project to reach huge numbers of people. Tailor your content to a diversity of people, ranging from your close friends to complete strangers, and imbue everything with your positive message.

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