Crowdfunding Website – Using Your Website To Promote Your Campaign

You’ve poured time and money into a great website, and have a steady amount of visitors flowing through it. Why not turn them into investors? Here, you have an opportunity to appeal to those most interested in your ideas. They’re already hooked, so reel them in. If you can build your crowd out of fans and enthusiasts, you can turn your network into an engaged community. As a result, this community will be the ones to spark ideas and conversations.

How can you capitalise on your website? Here’s how.

Add a button/widget to your website that sends visitors directly to your crowdfunding campaign. In addition, you could also insert an email capture form. For a more subtle approach, use banner ads. Though peripheral ads are easily tuned out – try filling your site with engaging content about your campaign- Articles, videos and announcements on the site to make sure everyone knows. Videos particularly have a higher chance of converting a viewer into a backer.

Your crowdfunding campaign, social media and website should be an ecosystem.

They should interlink with each other wherever possible. It’s like holding out several large water-catching leaves in the rainforest. You should be creating an ecosystem. Your crowdfunding campaign, social media and website are all rain-catching leaves, funnelling water onto your flowering business. They should all work together and have consistent branding, linking together where possible.

Do you need help creating preparing your Crowdfunding Website?

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