Our passion is to push the boundaries of film and storytelling


Crowdfunding Video Production

Pre Production
Concept Creation, Script Writing, Planning
Direction, Camera Operation, HD, 4K & 360
Post Production
Editing, Grading, Animation and 3D

Crowdfunding Videos Production: Our Showreel



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Our Crowdfunding Videos

Pulp Indiegogo Campaign - 100% Funded in 1 day

Pulp. The Ultimate Platform that Makes Wine Easy. Quality wines and a digital platform to discover them. 

Pulp Campaign

roomfortea Raising On Seedrs

roomfortea is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform matching hosts and guests globally for mid-term stays

Crowdfundng Video

Gartenzwerg Seedrs Campaign

Fully automated and nicely designed indoor gardening systems. Your personal farmer on the kitchen table.

Seedrs Campaign

Our Process

At Drop The Crowdfunding Studio, we combine our crowdfunding knowledge and experience together to help you optimise your campaign utilising crowdfunding video.

When potential investors click on your crowdfunding campaign, you want them to stick around, learn about your company, and, of course, invest. To do this, you’ll want a crowdfunding page that makes your amazing company stand out, and a great way to enhance your campaign is video.

We work with you to gain a complete understanding of your company, and throughout the pre-production, production and post-production we are implementing what we’ve learned about you into an effective, eye-catching video that is sure to amaze your possible investors.


Our videos are created through a three-stage process:

  • Pre-Production which covers Concept Creation, Script Writing, and Planning.
  • Production which covers Direction, Camera Operation, HD, 4K and 360.
  • Post Production which covers Editing, Grading, Animation and 3D.

The videos we create are built with the purpose of not only building your brand awareness, and helping you stand out online and during your campaign, but getting your message out to your specified audience, therefore allowing you to hit those key crowdfunding goals.

Whether your campaign is live, in the early stages before your launch, or able to take pre-orders, we can work with you to produce a meaningful, and long lasting outcome.

Our Crowdfunding Video Production Featured On

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