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With years of experience in the equity crowdfunding industry, we guide passionate entrepreneurs through a successful crowdfunding campaign, by providing them with bespoke consultation, video production, and investor research

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We have helped clients raise more than £17,000,000 through crowdfunding

Raising funds through equity crowdfunding is not light work. It requires a carefully considered strategy, finding the right cornerstone investors, unique marketing and consistent effort. Campaigning can be challenging and time consuming, which is why we’re on a mission to make the whole process as smooth and successful as possible. With a proven track record in equity crowdfunding, we offer comprehensive support throughout the duration of your Crowdcube or Seedrs campaign, ensuring you are in the best possible position to reach and exceed your crowdfunding target.

How we support you

Every crowdfunding campaign, whether it’s on Seedrs, Crowdcube or any other platform, needs an excellent video, gripping content, cornerstone investors and above all, a perfectly executed strategy. As one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding agencies, we have this covered. Our Fundraising Accelerator for Crowdcube and Seedrs campaigns includes video production, a fully comprehensive online course, bespoke investor research and a dedicated campaign manager to support throughout.

Crowdfunding Video Production

equity crowdfunding video pre-production

Pre Production

Concept Creation, Script Writing, Planning

equity crowdfunding video production


Direction, Camera Operation, HD, 4K & 360

equity crowdfunding video post-production

Post Production

Editing, Grading, Animation and 3D

You have only a few minutes to earn a backers attention, and those first few moments need to be bright, dense and to the point. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to keep it. Graphics and animations are a great way to articulate information in a visually stimulating and understandable way. As the creative studio behind lots of successful Crowdcube and Seedrs campaigns, we’ve mastered the art of taking an idea (from the extremely simple to the insanely complex) and creating an inspiring video to accurately tell your story.

Our Video Projects

Explore some of the crowdfunding videos we've worked on. We believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Crowdfunding Campaign Consultation

equity crowdfunding campaign manager

Campaign Manager

We understand that you may be completely new to the world of equity crowdfunding. Your campaign, from video production to strategy and investor research, will be overseen by a dedicated campaign manager. You’ll be signed up to an online project management tool where you can keep track of your progress and speak to a campaign manager for guidance at any point throughout the duration of your campaign.

equity crowdfunding online course

Crowdfunding Course

Learn how to plan, manage and optimise your crowdfunding campaign with our online fundraising accelerator course. You’ll receive simplified step by step instructions on what to do during the pre-campaign, private stage and public stage of the fundraise. Along with a detailed strategy to follow, you will find several templates that will help your communication throughout the campaign, increasing your chances of success.

Investor Research

equity crowdfunding investor research

Investor Research

For a successful equity crowdfunding campaign, it’s essential to find a cornerstone investor. There are hundreds of thousands of investors who invest in high growth UK businesses, but how do you find them? With our investor research we will help you find and connect with people who invest in businesses within your sector. With the information provided in the online course and with the help of your campaign manager, you’ll also learn how to reach out to and engage with these investors.

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