Fast Business Funding

Your business is up and running in the UK, or at least ready to go. But your biggest question is what fast business funding solutions do you have available to you? As an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, you have quite a few options.

In this blog we’ll explore:

  • How to get fast business funding
  • Fast business funding solutions
  • What is business funding
  • Business funding vs bootstrapping

How to get fast business funding

You have a host of options to choose from when it comes to getting funding for your business. Some more faster and efficient than others. From loans, investors, grants, angel investors, crowdfunding & venture capitalists, identifying the best type of funding for your startup is crucial to its success. The biggest question where business funding solutions are concerned however is what options are available and which is best and faster.

To put it frankly, getting funding is no easy task. Let alone fast funding. Yes, some options are faster than others in that you may get approved / accepted faster. But the process itself can be quite tedious when you do it alone. That’s why Drop Studio exists, to help make your life way easier.

You need fast business funding in the UK & we’ve worked with a host of the world’s biggest brands. You’re looking to raise funds publicly through angel investing or crowdfunding on Crowdcube, SeedrsKickstarter or Indiegogo, and we’re looking to help you on this journey.

Our Fundraising Accelerator can help you plan, manage and optimise your campaign. We assist ambitious businesses like yours in all sectors, helping you to communicate with potential investors and portray your business in the best possible light. With our flexible and comprehensive services, there has never been a better time to get in touch to discuss your fundraising goals!

With more than £50m raised, our Fundraising Accelerator services provide you with everything you need to run an extremely successful fundraising campaign. Whether you are looking for one or two investors to raise funds privately, or looking to reach the masses and crowdfund, Drop Studio is experienced in both.

Fast business funding solutions

The question is still up in the air, isn’t it? What’s the fastest and most efficient way to raise funds for your business? Where funding is concerned, there a host of options. All of which offer their own benefits and turnaround time where receiving funds is concerned. We’ll explore 4 options.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending matches up smaller-scale investors with small businesses looking for funds, cutting out the middleman. You apply online, and get a loan drawn from cash pooled by savers looking for a better return on their money.

Angel Investing

Angel investors are usually high-net-worth individuals who invest in early-stage businesses. It’s sometimes called ‘seed’ funding and you can generally expect to raise anything up to £1 million. Like venture capital, angel investors tend to invest in exchange for a share of the business, so they must believe in your business and in you. Angel investors are most likely successful entrepreneurs themselves and have a host of experience and knowledge to share with you.

Venture Capital

A venture capitalist is an investor who funds small startups with very high growth potential. Almost every notable startup success story involves a VC, you could be next. A venture capital fund is a type of private equity fund that is funded by private and institutional investors like investment banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. Venture capital investors in the UK contribute investment to tiny or start-up businesses with high development potential.

Peer-to-peer lending

When it comes to handing out loans, large banks typically shy away. Obviously. As such, they don’t easily or readily provide funding to businesses that haven’t yet proved themselves. But other lenders aim to help young companies looking to expand. Funding Circle was the first peer-to-peer lender to launch in the UK and connects a small group of investors directly to new companies in need of cash: Qualifying startups are given easy access to unsecured business loans of up to £500,000.

What is business funding

First of all, funding allows you to scale and enable growth. Startups spend their funding on growth, marketing, and most likely staff and team expansion. These three areas are critical to the success of any startup. Business funding is essentially injecting funds into a business with a purpose. Usually to resume or start operations.

Business funding vs bootstrapping

When starting your company, the first thing to consider is this: should you bootstrap your company, or try and raise funding? Now, whether or not you accept funding from external investors, just know that external funding will have a bigger impact on how you structure and run your company.

What is bootstrapping? To put it simply, funding your business using funds that you’ve personally gathered without any external sources or assistance. If you’re starting up a company with whatever money you have on hand and from the profits you’re earning, that’s bootstrapping.

You’ve reached a place in your entrepreneurship journey where you’re considering getting funding but don’t know where exactly to start. We hope this blog helped you and answered your questions!

Our growth consultants are ready and waiting to help you get your fast business funding!