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By Drop - The Crowdfunding Studio. We are proud film partners of Seedrs and have helped raise millions of pounds. Our campaigns have overfunded by as much as 183% and have received national press.

Campaign Video Structure

When planning your campaign video you need a clear structure, here's whats been most successful for us across our multiple campaigns.

  • Product Demo
  • Why
  • How
  • What
  • Call To Action

Watch Our Casestudy - Core Collective Crowdfundng Video

Product Demo

This is a potential investors first impression, wow them with your product demo. This should be a simple 30 second advert that highlights key information. 

  • ‘Teaser trailer’-no more than 30 seconds  
  • This will be a short intro to your product and project. 
  • Within the first 10 seconds of the teaser, your product should be shown
  • The next 10 seconds should explain the product
  • Use the final 10 seconds to overview key features and USP


Watch Our Casestudy - The Funky Iron Crowdfundng Video


Start with why. Why did you start the business, what problem does it solve?

  • Founder introduction
  • Your story/cause/belief
  • The problem
  • Introduction to the solution – Your product/service

Watch Our Casestudy - Orto Crowdfundng Video


How does your business solve this problem?

  • Solution – Your product/service
  • How it works
  • Unique selling points
  • Customer Testimonial

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Whats the investment and why should we invest today?

  • What’s the investment
  • Market size
  • Press or success so far
  • Competitors
  • Your team
  • Can you scale?
  • Investor testimonials   

Watch Our Casestudy - Dateplay Crowdfunding Campaign

Call To Action

Why should an investor act now? 

  • Closing statement summarising offer
  • Strong final statement outlining the future of the company and the investor’s potential contribution to it

Watch Our Casestudy - Citymunch Crowdfundng Video

Supporting Content

From a 3 minuet video you can create a lot of supporting content, plan ahead for this and make the most of your campaign.

  • Video Updates – Short updates on your campaigns progress, highlighting funding achievements e.g. we’ve reached 30%
  • Could your product demo also could be used as your website guide video or across social channels
  • Social Media Videos
  • Investor Focused Videos 
  • Images – Pick the best frames from your video to help promote your campaign

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