Looking at past successful projects that we’ve worked on, the 808 Whisky Remixed crowdfunding campaign springs to mind! In 2017, they launched their campaign on Seedrs and dramatically overfunded by 350%, raising a whopping £954,496! Let’s learn why their crowdfunding campaign was a complete triumph!

808 Whisky Remixed – The brand

808 Whisky Remixed is a single grain Scotch Whisky that has the subtly and versatility to mix perfectly with cocktails or as a simple club serve. Co-founders, TommyD and Paul Pullinger set about creating a signature whisky that defines today’s music loving generation and breaks boundaries. Full of personality and character, 808 Whisky is the perfect soundtrack for the perfect party.

808 Drinks crowdfunding

808 Whisky Remixed Crowdfunding - How Drop Studio supported them

808 Whisky Remixed came to us to create a crowdfunding video that captured their bold and rebellious personality, promoting their innovative whisky to attract potential investors. Working with our creative film team, we got to learn more about the brand, their mission and future plans for the company. Creating three original film ideas, writing the script and shooting the film, we produced an outstanding video that embodied their vision.

808 Whisky Remixed Crowdfunding - Their journey on Seedrs

The 808 Whisky Remixed crowdfunding campaign was a complete success! In less than a week of launching their campaign on Seedrs, 808 Whisky Remixed smashed their initial £300,000 target, overfunding by 350%.


How Drop Studio can support you

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