Drop Studio had the great opportunity to work with Auro - an exciting new fitness brand, offering an innovative audio fitness app . They were in need of campaign support and chose to partner with us to create their campaign video. The Auro crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube closed at 104% funded, exceeding its initial target of £250,000.

Auro Crowdfunding - The Brand

Auro's mission is to make personalised fitness instructon affordable. They were raising funds to scale the business across the UK along with further expanison into Europe. The brand developed a mobile app to help people who cannot access or afford to pay for a gym membership monthly and would still like exercise with professional guidance. We were impressed by their proposition and their aim to motivate and enhance the fitness experience for everyone.

AuroFit Crowdfunding Campaign Image 1
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Auro Crowdfunding - How Drop Supported Them

Auro partnered with us for their crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, and we helped them create their campaign video. We wanted to build a narrative around Auro’s mission to transform the fitness industry and make it an affordable experience for everyone looking to start a fitness routine. Our creative team initially produced 3 film treatments - we presented these back to Auro to review. Our aim was to consistently reflect their tone of voice throughout all our creative work, but to present them with 3 contrasting film styles to choose from. We always try to push the boundaries with our productions - we want you to naturally gravitate towards one of our ideas, after seeing a full creative range.

Operating within the seemingly saturated fitness app market, Auro stands out by offering access to varied classes, workout playlists and structured training plans, which we showcased in their campaign video. We collaborated with our clients, to ensure we had a balance between delivering on their vision, whilst using our expertise in the equity crowdfunding space and what investors are looking to see from a pitch film. We featured the founding team, who showed their passion for the fitness industry and a business centered on supporting people who are aiming to improve their health. We always look to produce a story for our clients that gives them a platform to appeal to both established and everyday investors - no matter how complex the business model may be. We combined animation of the platform, footage of the founding team and testimonials from personal trainers who feature on the app, to present the company to the crowd in an engaging way.

Auro Crowdfunding - Their journey on Crowdcube

Auro's crowdfunding campaign made strong, consistent progress throughout their funding round on Crowdcube. They closed their round with £256,170 raised, exceeding their initial target by 104%. Auro welcomed 116 investors to their growing community - we're proud to have been a part of their campaign success.

Auro Crowdfunding Campaign


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