The Client: Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee are a series of unique coffee shops created with the sole purpose of ridding the world of boring, average tasting coffee, by rethinking long-established traditions.

Located in London and Manchester, they were first created in 2013 by a group of coffee-loving friends from uni who decided to ‘Leave The Herd Behind’ and stay awake for the rest of their lives.

As well as being a seriously great place to grab a coffee, the shop runs several initiatives such as a free coffee board; created with the aim that customers visiting the shop can purchase a drink for someone else as a nice gesture, and an app; that works like a rewards system for regular visitors.

Alongside running in the daytime, their late-night venues boast some of the coolest after-work scenes, allowing customers to enjoy coffee-inspired cocktails and locally distilled booze in a unique, urban setting.

The Strategy

We worked with Black Sheep Coffee to create a series of social videos for them to use across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These videos reflected upon areas that the brand wanted to focus on including the designs of their shops, their history, their baristas, and, of course, their menu.

After learning more about what they do, treatments were created to describe what each video would be about, and examples of similar videos were included to give the client a real idea of the video direction we would be taking, therefore making sure what we created would benefit their coffee shop image.

The Outcome

We broke the content down into 23 videos, most of which had an ideal video length for social media making them between 15-30 seconds, with the longest video, their promo, being just under 1 minute.

Videos were then given to Black Sheep Coffee to place online, and since the 26th February 2018, some of the videos have been posted on social media platforms to an outstanding reception.

You can check out some of the videos on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but to summarise how the videos are currently doing the first video posted on Facebook (as of 06/02/2018) has over 28,000 views, with the few others they’ve posted so far amounting their current view total to 43,684 views. Not to mention, these video posts are gaining a wide range of reactions and engagements from customers with the first video having 80 reactions to date.

As for Twitter and Instagram, on Twitter the video is gaining great engagement with 100-200 views per video with a range of retweets, likes and comments, and on Instagram they’ve regularly been getting views within 600-1000 per video post (as of 06/02/2018) with some great reactions to their initiatives such as their ‘Free Coffee Board’.

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