The CityMunch team raised £150,000 on Seedrs.

City Munch helps fill restaurants during quieter times by creating a market for off-peak dining. Also, as a result, CityMunch won a competition to become the first of five start-ups on Just Eat’s inaugural Accelerator program.

CityMunch brings together restaurants and diners, solving a problem for each. For restaurants, their platform tackles underutilised capacity during quiet times of the day; for consumers, our mobile app is the simplest way to save money on dining out.

Their platform allows restaurants to connect with diners in real time, attracting people when they need them most. They can use it to create and manage a weekly profile of offers that precisely target key times - e.g. from 6:00 to 7:30 on weekday evenings. The calendar interface makes this easy and can be tweaked at a moment’s notice to respond to changes in demand.

These offers are published in real time to our consumer mobile app, giving consumers a wide choice of deals around them. CityMunch vouchers are just flat percentage discounts off the food bill, keeping things simple for customers. We supported them with Crowdfunding Video Production.


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