Today we are hitting the rewind button to tell you the story of the most successful project we’ve worked on – the Core Collective crowdfunding campaign, which took Seedrs by storm back in 2017, raising the whopping amount of £2,056,412.

Core Collective Crowdfunding – The brand

Core Collective is a British boutique fitness studio, established in 2015 with one simple mission - to disrupt the stale and one-dimensional fitness industry with an innovative, people-focused model. Determined to “strip back the fads”, the brand promises an effective, honest and intelligent approach, focused on the clients’ lifestyle and goals. Located in the heart of London, Core Collective has created a relaxed, luxury environment where people want to hang out not just workout.

Core Collective Crowdfunding – How Drop Studio supported them

In 2017, Core Collective decided to seek investment on Seedrs to fund the development of an additional studio in London. We are incredibly happy that the brand chose us to produce their crowdfunding video. Drop Studio put their expertise in creating Core Collective’s script, planning their shoot and filming, editing and animating dynamic content for their campaign video. Our team created a piece of content that we are truly proud of.

Core Collective Crowdfunding – Their journey on Seedrs

The Core Collective crowdfunding campaign went live with £575,000 already pre-raised through a private launch - a strong start towards their £1,125,000 goal. They made steady progress throughout the first 14 days of their campaign. On day 16, their campaign really started to build up momentum, raising almost £200,000 in just 2 days. Core Collective surpassed their initial target on the 21st day and closed their Seedrs round with the dazzling amount of £2,056,412.

How Drop Studio can turn your idea into a crowdfunding success story

  • Immediate feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding
  • Access to Drop Studio's Crowdfunding Accelerator Service – available for Crowdcube approved campaigns only
  • Crowdfunding strategy and planning
  • Marketing strategy and marketing content – social media posts, ads, emails
  • Management of social media profiles, ads and email marketing
  • Crowdfunding video production – treatment & script writing, filming, editing with animation, promotional content
  • Ongoing crowdfunding support throughout the whole campaign

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