Today, we're taking a look back at another of our successful crowdfunding stories, the Feedr Crowdfunding Campaign. With a target of £450,000, they smashed initial expectations during the final days of their campaign, overfunding by 120% and scoring a whopping £540,060.

Feedr Crowdfunding - The brand

Feedr is a curated online marketplace that aims to revolutionise and transform workplace food. With a selection of 100 plus high-quality, artisan vendors capable of serving 40,000 meals and the fact they had substantial growth 12 months prior, achieving 300% revenue growth, we were excited to work alongside them. Feedr's mission is to bring healthy and fresh meals to office workforces across London at an affordable price and accessible for delivery online. With goals to transform the corporate food landscape, Feedr headed to the crowd.

Feedr Crowdfunding
Feedr Crowdfunding

Feedr Crowdfunding - How Drop Studio supported them

We supported Feedr through video production producing an outstanding crowdfunding video that truly represented their brand, team ethos and value against other competitors. It's important that we understood Feedr inside and out, to ensure we were showcasing all the most captivating elements of the brand.

At Drop, we work in a transparent way. Each step of the creative process was presented back and fourth to Feedr and signed off by them before we moved onto the next stage of the project. It's all about collaboration. Using our expertise the crowdfunding sector and the client's expertise within their industry, we were able to produce a video that we were all proud of.

The final edit of the crowdfunding campaign was successful in showcasing the advantages of Feedr within corporate landscapes, how the platform works and why it was a good investment opportunity.

Feedr Crowdfunding - Their journey on Crowdcube

Feedr ran their campaign on Crowdcube for 30 days, securing steady investment throughout their initial 14 days of being live to the crowd. On day 16, their campaign total almost doubled, with an influx of investments - smashing their target and overfunding from £234,470 to £460,360. Their campaign closed at an impressive total of £540,060.


How Drop Studio can support you

  • Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their ideas, products or services. We also produce general video marketing content for businesses looking to raise brand awareness and accelerate their growth.
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