While reviewing past crowdfunding success stories, Gartenzwerg crowdfunding campaign comes to mind. During their first funding round in November 2017, they raised £117,352 on Seedrs, surpassing their initial £50,000 twofold. In August 2018, Gartenzwerg reached back out to the crowd, raising $47,650 on Indiegogo - 102% funded. They are currently live with their third crowdfunding round on Seedrs, already 83% funded at the moment of writing this.

Gartenzwerg Crowdfunding - The brand

Gartenzwerg is the only tech company which has created personal smart gardens pairing IoT technology with a natural design and an immersive gardening experience. A fully automated system with which you can grow small fruits, vegetables and herbs year-round, right from home. The indoor gardens are fully automated and have amazing designs. They measure and control everything the plants need to be healthy and stable. Gartenzwerg have had two successful crowdfunding rounds and have launched a third one recently, giving their customers the opportunity to become a shareholder in their fast growing business.

Gartenzwerg Crowdfunding - How Drop Studio supported them

Gartenzwerg came to us during the preparations for their first funding round. We supported them with video production services for their crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. For their second funding round, they chose Indiegogo as their crowdfunding platform. Gartenzwerg and Drop were in constant communication during the concept creation, script writing and planning of the video for both funding rounds. We learned a lot about their brand and the dedicated green loving team that wants to modernise indoor gardens with proprietary technology. Their input helped us sharpen the details and showcase the concept of smart gardens - how they function and the advantages of having a smart garden in the comfort of one’s home. The video we created highlighted the benefits potential investors receive and Gartenzwerg’s future plans as a growing business.

Gartenzwerg Crowdfunding - Their journey on Seedrs and Indiegogo

The progress of the Gartenzwerg crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs consistent, increasing steadily across the initial 30 days. By 36 days, Gartenzwerg had reached their initial target. However, by 26th January 2018, the campaign had reached overfunding status. Their first round closed with £119,952 funding, 262 backers on board and with 5.88% of the brand’s equity being offered.

For their second crowdfunding round, Gartenzwerg chose Indiegogo. They finished the campaign with $47,650 total funds raised, making them 102% funded.

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