Hoptroff London Crowdfunding Case Study

Drop Studio have been making a name for themselves this year in the B2B sector - we love meeting clients who present us with a challenging narrative that tests our creative team. This year, we partnered with Hoptroff London, who offer traceable time as a service (don’t worry, we’ll explain later!) We were eager to learn more about this complex business and present them to the crowd.

Turns out, Hoptroff London have become our most successful campaign to date! They smashed their initial funding target of £200,000 within 12 hours of launching on Crowdcube. The investments continued to flood in during their 30 day raise, and they closed their campaign at an astounding 498% overfunded!

Hoptroff London Crowdfunding - The Brand

Hoptroff London's business model is focused on global Traceable Time as a Service - aimed at correcting and authenticating inaccurate server clocks to microsecond accuracy, so timestamp records of computer transactions are correct and trustworthy. The brand’s USP is their AI software solution, that syncs clocks on servers to the global standard of Universal Time (UTC). At the centre of it all is their very own set of atomic clocks, 1 in each timezone!

The British company knew that crowdfunding was the right route for them, to not only raise funds, but build a loyal community of investors and ambassadors around their brand. As we know, a successful first raise opens the door to future opportunities in the crowdfunding space. With the funds raised, they wanted to seize the opportunity within the growing global Financial Services market, break into new markets like TV broadcasting and expand their marketing & sales efforts.

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Hoptroff London Crowdfunding - How Drop Supported Them

We started out by meeting the team in person - we love getting in a room with a passionate founding team. We spent time getting under the skin of their business model and learning how everything works at Hoptroff. Our role is to hone in on the most exciting and unique parts of your business and use these as the foundation for your crowdfunding story. Hoptroff’s offering on the surface seemed incredibly complex - however, through spending 1-1 time with the founding team at the very start of the project, we were fully immersed in traceable time as a service!

Hoptroff received weekly support and bespoke consultation for their own Campaign Manager at Drop. Any crowdfunding scenario you come up against, we’re confident we can find a solution!

Hoptroff made best use of our crowdfunding tools we presented them with - mapping out their own network to realistically set expectations for their cornerstone investment. We planned each week of their raise, in order to build maximum momentum in the lead up to their live date.

We crafted a strategy which focused on their own network and how to communicate with them, and how to utilise their connections to secure their initial target. It’s all about personalisation with your communication, ensuring your potential investors feel personally invited aboard. We wanted to present Hoptroff as a viable and exciting investment opportunity to the crowd - the founding team want to capitalise on the opportunities in the Financial sector and opening up their company to investment will help them achieve this goal.

We established a narrative centred around the most engaging parts of the business, all aligning to their core mission, to eradicate a recurring problem in the financial sector - inaccurate server clocks. The opportunity for growth was made clear in both our comms and the video - this scenario is happening now, across the globe, and there is currently no support service to help. This is where Hoptroff comes in.

Drop Studio created bespoke digital marketing and social content, to be used throughout the duration of the campaign. We executed a marketing strategy by firstly focusing on driving traffic and building momentum, then keeping that momentum consistent throughout the duration of the campaign. We were on hand every step of the way to consult and guide the team and create supporting assets. The creative team were hands on with the video - we used their existing footage and our talented animation team, to produce an informative film that told the Hoptroff story in under 4 minutes. We feel we really showcased the best parts of Hoptroff and their investment opportunity throughout all the assets we developed for the team.

Hoptroff London Crowdfunding - Their journey on Crowdcube  

Hoptroff’s crowdfunding campaign exceeded expectations - the dedication from the founding team was apparent, reaching their initial target within 12 hours of launch. From the momentum we helped to build prior to their campaign going live, they received consistent investment throughout the entire duration of their raise. Hoptroff went publicly live on Crowdcube on 15th April - closing their 30 day campaign at a staggering £996,670! Hats off to the Hoptroff team - we’re very proud to have supported your campaign.

Hoptroff Crowdfunding Campaign

How Drop Studio can support you

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