The Brand

Morso is a modern Italian restaurant that specialises in hand-crafted fresh pasta and small plates of Italian bites, alongside innovative grappa-based cocktails. They partnered with Drop Studio to create their campaign video. Our creative team collaborated with Morso’s founding team, to ensure the video effectively highlighted the restaurant's qualities and showcased the making of dishes & cocktails, as well as the exciting investment opportunity.

How Drop Supported Morso’s Campaign Video

Morso chose our Deluxe Package, which offers treatments, script writing, planning, shooting, creative direction and post-production services. Our package provided the necessary tools to execute an informative and engaging video production to appeal to investors. Our clients got inspiration from Netflix’s show Chef’s Table and Drop were able to deliver on their vision. We wanted to ensure the video had beauty shots of food and grappa, seeded with team footage and complimentary music.

Before anything else, we took 4 weeks of planning to align all our ideas and find the best way to produce them. Morso closed their restaurant to the public and invited an exclusive group of both loyal and new customers to sample the range of food we were shooting. We wanted to capture their natural reaction to the food and the restaurant’s ambience on video. We had bespoke kit - lighting, rig, camera - and our team of experts dedicated to the shoot. We carefully selected which ingredients to showcase, what food we were going to shoot, how it would be cooked, how the cocktails would be made, and the shooting style and direction.

Our team and Morso’s full founding team were present on set, with the restaurant filled with genuine customers for testimonials and authentic reactions to the food & drinks. The final edit was approved by Morso and we delivered shorter video edits to be used throughout their social accounts, with the inclusion of images and gifs. The creative impact of the film was not only a result from the beautifully captured footage, but the passion presented by the team, the brand’s unique proposition and their carefully planned approach to their growth strategy as a business. The video is engaging and inspired people to not just visit the restaurant, but to try the food and potentially invest in the business. Morso’s campaign video tested the expertise of our creative team and we are proud of the end results.

Morso Crowdfunding

How Drop can turn your idea into a success story

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