Drop Studio was looking forward to partnering with My Friend Charlie on their campaign with Crowdcube - an innovative offline solution for the modern online dating industry. Drop have previously supported Dateplay with their crowdfunding campaign video production. So when My Friend Charlie approached us for full-service support for their Crowdcube campaign, we were thrilled to work alongside another disruptive dating app company. My Friend Charlie crowdfunding campaign closed at 107% funded, raising £85,710.

The Brand - My Friend Charlie

My Friend Charlie has developed a new approach to the modern dating industry. They organise events catered to single people, who would rather meet offline instead of online. The idea is simple: sign up, attend a unique event, and start meeting new people, differently. Not only do My Friend Charlie’s users get to enjoy the events but their approach also enables users to meet new people and embrace new friendships. With over 50 successful events and 700+ satisfied guests Drop Studio were excited to support My Friend Charlie to raise funds to expand across the UK in 2019.

How Drop Supported Them | My Friend Charlie Crowdfunding

My Friend Charlie chose to partner with Drop Studio for full-service support via video production and our crowdfunding Accelerator service. Drop’s Campaign Team worked closely with My Friend Charlie’s Founder and Project Manager on their video and marketing projects, and consulted them throughout their raise on Crowdcube. It’s our role to ensure the campaign is well executed and projects the brand’s proposition and story accurately.

We built a narrative around My Friend Charlie’s innovative and versatile approach to modern dating and the brand’s purpose to connect individuals offline, instead of online. Their solution is simple: carefully-curated events, at unique venues, for great people.

We offered constant guidance and consultation in regards to My Friend Charlie’s network and supported the founding team in reaching out to their contacts to build their database. Our role as partners is to instill confidence in all of our clients. We encouraged My Friend Charlie to utilise their network and list of subscribers and consider their investment. We planned a strategy around building momentum in the early stages, driving relevant traffic, and building upon My Friend Charlie’s existing network.

Crowdcube Journey | My Friend Charlie Crowdfunding

My Friend Charlie’s crowdfunding campaign ended its funding on Crowdcube with a plentiful result. After 30 days of being publicly live, the campaign finished at 107% funded, exceeding the initial campaign target of £80,000.


How Drop Studio can support you

  • Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their ideas, products or services. We also produce general video marketing content for businesses looking to raise brand awareness and accelerate their growth.
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