We worked with Calling Brands to create a series of employee video blogs for Nokia. The video series allows potential recruits to hear first-hand how life at Nokia really feels.

The videos follow Nokia employees as they guide you around their workplace that they love and introduce you to the people that make Nokia so unique.

The Brief

We worked with Calling Brands and Nokia to promote the company’s latest recruitment drive. Our task was to produce a series of employee video blogs that would engage potential new employees.

The Solution

We created a video series that allows potential recruits to hear first-hand how life at Nokia really feels. The videos follow Nokia employees as they guide the viewer around the workplace they love and introduce potential recruits around the globe to the people that make Nokia so unique.

We worked with Calling Brands through the entire development of the series, traveling to numerous Nokia offices around the world, including Finland, Germany and Poland to film the employee's stories.

To craft each piece we went through several stages. We began by editing each employee’s footage to define the narrative of their story. We then applied a grade to the footage which kept the series aesthetic consistent. Finally we designed the audio for each.

The Result  

Increased engagement across the Nokia Careers site

View the videos on the Nokia Careers website.

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