This is the story of yet another massive crowdfunding success from the last months – the Notes crowdfunding campaign, which attracted 831 investors and closed its round with £1,194,330 pledged. Today we will explore the story of the brand, their crowdfunding journey and Drop’s role in their crowdfunding triumph.

Notes Crowdfunding – The brand

Notes is an established coffee shop and wine bar concept with 9 locations based in the heart of London. The brand prides itself in sourcing, roasting and serving the most delicious coffee one can find. Starting from a street coffee cart 8 years ago, Notes’ founders instantaneously spotted the potential for a premium coffee brand, surfed the trend and landed on serving over 1.4m cups a year. This years’ Crowdcube round was actually not their first crowdfunding campaign. Three years ago, Notes successfully raised £900,000 on the same platform, which helped them to double their revenue to nearly £5m and expand from 5 to 9 locations.

Notes Crowdfunding – How Drop Studio supported them

Our paths crossed as we were introduced to Notes’ founders by Crowdcube. Aiming to take full advantage of the premium coffee trend, Notes had already decided to crowdfund and needed support with video production. As a team of passionate coffee drinkers, we were eager to learn how the brand operates and how their passion for coffee influences each decision and detail. Gaining invaluable insights into how they have grown the business from pop up store to an innovative chain across London, we focused their crowdfunding video on the expansion of the business following on from their previous campaign on Crowdcube. Our team is unanimous that the Notes crowdfunding campaign was a great success, standing out from their competition on Crowdcube thanks to their truly unique offering in a growing sector, passionate team and their strong determination to conquer the crowdfunding world once again.

Notes Crowdfunding – Their journey on Crowdcube

Notes’ crowdfunding campaign started exceptionally well – within the first 36 hours the brand was already overfunded. The crowdfunding campaign kept its momentum for the following days and stormed through the £1,000,000 marker at day 23. Their campaign came to an impressive close, with a total of £1,194,330 invested through 831 investors.

Notes Crowdfunding – Testimonial

“Drop did a fantastic job for us - and were a major reason we reached our target on Crowdcube. They helped us make our script punchy, arranged the shoot and then edit very quickly, and created some great animations. The first cut of the video was perfect - which is unusual and very impressive. We'd work with them again for sure”

Robert Robinson

– Co-Founder of Notes

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