Orto Crowdfunding Campaign

Orto’s founders Jules and Josh came to us with the task of creating their crowdfunding campaign video. Orto is a unique offering that allows people to co-lease a range of luxury sports cars.

The world’s full of people who love nice cars, but even if they can afford it, they find it hard to justify buying their dream car. They know getting a car that’s just for fun is expensive, wasteful, and a lot of hassle.

Orto solves this problem by letting them share a single car with three other people on a long-term basis - giving them all the driving they need, whilst massively reducing the cost and taking away all the chores. 

We helped Jules and Josh to communicate Orto’s solid understanding of the co-leasing market and conveyed their strong business proposition.

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Investor Update

Investor Update

Investor Update

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