PRYNTD – Crowdfunding Case Study

PRYNTD is an immersive content creation and distribution platform for anyone with a story to tell. Users can create, convert, and share 2D content into 360-degree immersive experiences, for mobile, tablet, computer, TV, or Virtual Reality devices. The brand approached us to support their campaign to raise capital, which would help them upscale their platform. With our help, PRYNTD’s Crowdcube campaign has raised £84,373 – overfunding their £80,000 target by 105%! Here’s how Drop Studio helped PRYNTD’s campaign on Crowdcube.

PRYNTD – The Brand

PRYNTD is an AI-driven platform that converts 2D videos and live streams into Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It provides an engaging new way for creators to monetize their content via ads, monthly subscriptions, ticketing, and any merchandise that contains Haptic technology.

Immersive reality is a powerful marketing tool that has to be adaptable for different users. With a total of 200k website views, 100+ Artists, 50+ affiliate partnerships, PRYNTD aims to bridge the gap by providing creators with monetization options, making it possible for audiences to access on-demand, livestreams on their preferred devices.

PRYNTD Crowdfunding – How Drop Studio supported them

In order to reach a wide audience, improve technology and maximise exposure for creators, PRYNTD decided to crowdfund their next raise. The brand chose Drop Studio to create their crowdfunding campaign video for Crowdcube. From concept to implementation, our creative team was instrumental in communicating the brand’s vision, mission, and goals. You can watch their crowdfunding campaign video below:

In addition to their crowdfunding video, Drop Studio’s Fundraising Accelerator program provided PRYNTD with the tools and techniques needed to execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. We also provided them with our Investor Research program, which helped them to find lead investors and grow their network.

PRYNTD Crowdfunding – Their journey on Crowdcube

PRYNTD’s crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube was a complete success! The UK-based brand hit its crowdfunding target of £80,000 within a few days of launch and was successfully overfunding in no time. The brand ended its campaign with the support of 176 investors who pledged a total of £84,373.

How Drop Studio can support you

Fundraising Accelerator – Our Fundraising Accelerator gives you all the tools to run a successful fundraising campaign and it comprises of 3 key services: 

Crowdfunding Video Production (Applicable for Crowdcube/Seedrs, Kickstarter or Indigogo) – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create eye-catching videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their ideas, products, or services. We also produce social assets from the video to be used to support your campaign. 

Online Course and Campaign Manager (Applicable for Crowdcube/Seedrs, Kickstarter or Indigogo) – The Online Course gives you step-by-step instructions and detailed guidance on strategic crowdfunding and campaign planning.  You’ll master how to plan and conduct effective campaigns on Crowdcube, Seedrs, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter as well as raising funds privately through Angel Investors. In addition, you will be assigned a campaign manager who will be on hand to support throughout your campaign and answer any questions you have.

Investor Research – Our Investor Research helps connect you with relevant investors. As a result, our investor research can help you onboard potential investors who may be interested in your campaign. 

Pitch Deck – The pitch deck is a crucial document that you will need. We help you formulate the right pitch that has the potential to draw in investors. We ensure that your pitch communicates your mission, vision, and explains your business in a clear and concise way, whether it’s for crowdfunding or private fundraising.