Space Store on Crowdcube

We would like to introduce one of our latest clients, Space Store, who crushed their crowdfunding target by 147% and successfully raised  £147,020. Let’s see why the Space Store crowdfunding campaign appealed to many investors around the globe.

It was a campaign that rocketed off to outer space!

The Brand - Space Store

Space Store is a UK based business with a mission to bring space to everyone, everywhere and every day through their experiential retail stores and cafes dedicated to providing a space experience like no other. These experiences include space sensations such as performing a task in pressurised gloves, walking in a real spacesuit and experiencing Mars through virtual reality and simulated Martian gravity. The food served is based on the diet of real astronauts there is a variety of space merchandise and the educational content serves as a bridge between the Space sector and the public.

How Drop Supported Them | Space Store Crowdfunding

We supported Space Store by producing their marketing content through our accelerator service, which included creating their pitch text, social ads, press releases and Crowdcube updates. Consulting them through weekly phone calls, we advised the team on investors segmentations and psychology, campaign strategy and how to properly roll out the content we produced.

It was a fascinating project to work on and we had no doubt of their success on Crowdcube for its uniqueness and innovation. We are over the moon that they not only reached but exceeded their target and we wish them all the very best - we know they’ll continue to do great things.

Crowdcube Journey | Space Store Crowdfunding

The Space Store crowdfunding campaign went live on Crowdcube with more than 120% already pre-raised through a private crowdfunding round. In less than 2 days, 50 investors climbed on board and they continued to soar as the campaign went on. Ending their campaign on a high note, they successfully overfunded by 147% and gained 195 investors on board.

Space Store Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube

How Drop can turn your idea into a success story

  • Immediate feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding
  • Access to Drop Studio’s Crowdfunding Accelerator Service – available for Crowdcube approved campaigns only
  • Crowdfunding strategy and planning
  • Marketing strategy and guidance on marketing content such as social media posts and emails
  • Crowdfunding video production – treatment, scriptwriting, filming, editing with animation and promotional content
  • Ongoing crowdfunding support throughout the whole campaign