Today’s focus is the Storyball crowdfunding campaign, which reached an impressive funding - 454% of its target on Kickstarter!.

The Brand - Storyball

Storyball is a revolutionary smart toy. It aims to immerse kids in a world of play, imagination and learning, while keeping them away from phones, tablets, and TVs. This screen-free technology creates the illusion of being inside a video game in which children complete intriguing challenges and take brain-teasing quizzes with the help of their favourite characters.

Storyball Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

How Drop Supported Them | Storyball Crowdfunding

Drop Studio supported the Storyball crowdfunding campaign with video production, social assets creation and ongoing consultations. As with most of our clients, we were following a well-structured process of thoroughly researching the market and the target audience, and keeping in constant communication with the client to assure that they are satisfied with every bit of our work. On the whole, we are truly grateful that we had the chance to work with a team of pioneers who have developed a unique concept with a strong potential to flood the toy market.

Storyball Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter #3

Kickstarter Journey | Storyball Crowdfunding

The Storyball crowdfunding campaign had a flying start. As a matter of fact, they met the initial target of $30,000 during the third. In addition, Kickstarter featured the campaign in "Projects We Love" in the Design & Technology section. The brand soon announced its first stretch goal - $100,000, which was successfully conquered one month later. In the end, Storyball closed their crowdfunding campaign with $136,126 raised and 1,362 backers, eager to receive the unique product.

Storyball Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter #2

How Drop can turn your idea into a success story

  • Immediate feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding
  • Access to Drop Studio’s Crowdfunding Accelerator Service – available for Crowdcube approved campaigns only
  • Crowdfunding strategy and planning
  • Marketing strategy and guidance on marketing content such as social media posts and emails
  • Crowdfunding video production – treatment, scriptwriting, filming, editing with animation and promotional content
  • Ongoing crowdfunding support throughout the whole campaign