Sunstone Crowdfunding Campaign

Today we want to introduce you to yet another feather in our cap – the Sunstone Systems crowdfunding campaign. Not long ago, this promising business conquered Crowdcube by raising the staggering amount of £590,960. Let’s dig into their crowdfunding campaign and see what made their offer attractive to so many investors around the globe.

Sunstone Crowdfunding – The brand

Sunstone Systems is a UK-based tech company focused on designing unique solar-powered solutions for a wide range of high-valued industries. To mention a few, their clients range from defence and oil companies to telecommunications giants. Sunstone's groundbreaking technology provides surveillance and wireless telecommunications to the most remote and harsh locations around the world. Furthermore, the brand assists organisations in reducing their carbon footprint. With a track record of successfully delivering the desired results, Sunstone have impressed and secured an elite list of long-term clients.

Sunstone Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube

Sunstone Crowdfunding – How Drop Studio supported them

Sunstone Systems chose us as their crowdfunding campaign partner to support them with their Crowdcube raise. We worked on the Sunstone crowdfunding campaign round the clock to deliver the best content in terms of video production, marketing and PR. Our team had the chance to test different hypothesis, apply new ideas and discover new recipes for success.

It was a great opportunity to meet such passionate inventors who are striving to change their industry and grow rapidly. Our crowdfunding team gained many insights from this campaign and we are unanimous that the Sunstone Systems crowdfunding campaign was one of the most exciting projects we have worked on to date.

Sunstone Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube #2

Sunstone Crowdfunding – Their journey on Crowdcube

The Sunstone Systems crowdfunding campaign went live with a “boom”. To start with, 67% of their target goal was already pledged during their private investment round. With such a strong start, the crowdfunding campaign was promising to be a smooth ride. The campaign had consistent momentum, reaching the £500k target on day 24. Even after the campaign was fully funded, Sunstone decided to keep the ball rolling for a couple more days until they closed at £590,960, topping their initial goal by 118%.

Sunstone Crowdfunding – What made their crowdfunding campaign a success

  • They did their research – Sunstone Systems came to us knowing what they will be dealing with. Prior to our conversation, they had explored the crowdfunding industry thoroughly;
  • Together we set detailed goals – the clients not only knew exactly how much they want to raise and what they need every penny for, but also sat with us to create a detailed timeline of every milestone and micro event within their campaign;
  • We created a professional video for them – our video production team worked closely with the clients to produce a high-quality video that communicates their idea and products in the best way possible. We wanted to ensure we captured the professionalism of the core Sunstone Systems team and highlight why their business proposition deserves investment;
  • Strong marketing – during our collaborative work with Sunstone, we developed a smart marketing strategy to find the right audience for their project. Combined with the bespoke content, carefully crafted for their crowdfunding campaign, the marketing efforts turned out to be a huge success, driving a significant amount of investors to their campaign.

How Drop can turn your idea into a success story

  • Immediate feedback on whether your business is suitable for crowdfunding
  • Access to Drop Studio’s Crowdfunding Accelerator Service – available for Crowdcube approved campaigns only
  • Crowdfunding strategy and planning
  • Marketing strategy and guidance on marketing content such as social media posts and emails
  • Crowdfunding video production – treatment, scriptwriting, filming, editing with animation and promotional content
  • Ongoing crowdfunding support throughout the whole campaign