Drop Studio partnered with Tuk Tuk Chai on their crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube. We were excited to support Tuk Tuk Chai on their crowdfunding journey - a brand that had the courage to disturb the ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage industry by creating a new category within the market. You might have seen this name already – on Sainsbury’s shelves, on BBC’s reality show Dragons’ Den, or among the successful crowdfunding campaigns on Crowdcube. The product is a bold infusion of natural black tea leaves, creamy milk, spices and just a pinch of sugar. Being the first ever brewed authentic chai in the UK, the brand quickly found its place in the heart of Britain’s milk tea loving nation.

Tuk Tuk Chai Crowdfunding – How it all started

The story of Tuk Tuk Chai began on the streets of Kerala where Alex, the co-founder of the brand, found her love for Indian home-brewed chai - after being introduced to it by her partner, Rupesh. After returning to London she and Rupesh could not find a high-quality counterpart, which led to the conception of Tuk Tuk Chai. Two years later, the couple are enjoying numerous achievements, including the prominent award for the Most Innovative Product at one of the top trade shows within the industry, reaching the finals of the 2017 Virgin Foodpreneur competition and a full investment offer by Peter Jones on Dragons’ Den 2018.

Tuk Tuk Chai Crowdfunding – How Drop Studio supported them

Drop Studio joined their journey, right after Alex and Rupesh decided to crowdfund the next stage of their product’s growth through an equity campaign on Crowdcube. We worked with them closely for 2 months to gain a complete understanding of their brand and the market they are operating in. As you know, for a successful crowdfunding campaign a high-quality video is really important, so Drop’s filmmaking team travelled to London, met with the founders and summarised their story in a short 5-minute professional crowdfunding video. To ensure that the brand’s values were communicated to the right audience, our marketing team prepared a detailed crowdfunding strategy and various personalised content templates – from pitch text, through to social posts and Facebook ads, to emails.    

Tuk Tuk Chai crowdfunding
Tuk Tuk Chai crowdfunding

Tuk Tuk Chai Crowdfunding - Results

The Tuk Tuk Chai crowdfunding campaign was a smashing success. During the first 24 hours, the brand reached the initial £150,000 target with ease.  Aiming higher and higher, a week later Tuk Tuk Chai reached £200k and finally closed the Crowdcube round overfunded by almost 200%. It was a pleasure to support their crowdfunding journey until it's very end.

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