One of the million-dollar projects in Drop Studio’s portfolio is the Veeqo crowdfunding campaign. For the short duration of their campaign, the brand managed to surpass its original campaign goal on £1,000,039 Seedrs, closing the crowdfunding round with £1,227,995 raised.

The Brand - Veeqo

Veeqo helps online retailers run profitable operations by managing their orders, stock levels and couriers. They want to help online retailers all over the world grow their business by selling on multiple channels. Veeqo’s software has been implemented in more than 300 retailers’ systems and processes transactions with an average value of £16m per month. They raised funds to develop products that can be used in-store at POS systems, as well as strengthen the business further in the UK. We were highly impressed with how a growing E-commerce platform has developed to meet its client's needs and is focused on customer satisfaction.

How Drop Supported Them | Veeqo Crowdfunding

Veeqo chose Seedrs as their crowdfunding platform and soon they were introduced to Drop Studio. They needed crowdfunding experts to edit their existing crowdfunding video and get it delivered within a short timeframe. We supported Veeqo with editing and animation, as their uncut campaign video was filmed by a different team. We aimed to highlight key sections of the script through animation overlays using text and graphics to bring the product to life.


How Drop Studio can support you

  • Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their ideas, products or services. We also produce general video marketing content for businesses looking to raise brand awareness and accelerate their growth.
  • Fundraising Accelerator – Our Fundraising Accelerator gives you all the tools to run a successful fundraising campaign. The Online Course gives you step-by-step instructions and detailed guidance on strategic crowdfunding and campaign planning. You’ll master how to plan and conduct effective campaigns on Crowdcube, Seedrs, Indiegogo, Kickstarter as well as raising funds privately through Angel Investors. We’ll also support your campaign’s content by guiding you on how to create an effective pitch text and helping to optimise your marketing communications.