Zero Water - The Brand

Zero Water allow consumers to get the most of their water with their patented 5-stage filter, which removes virtually all dissolved solids in tap water. Zero Water’s 5-stage filter works by first removing fine particles and sediment, then dispersing water more evenly to filter out more contaminants. The third stage of their filter is made of multi-layer activated carbon and oxidation alloy to improve taste and remove chlorine and other heavy metals. The fourth stage of Zero Water’s filter removes foreign ions from the water molecules and the last stage removes ultrafine particles. The result? The purest water you’ll ever drink.

Zero Water - How Drop Supported Them

Zero Water chose Drop Studio to produce their commercial video. For us, the real challenge was highlighting all of the unique qualities of Zero Water’s filter in a video with the length of a commercial. We worked hard to plan Zero Water’s shooting and script, as well as to film the commercial video and edit it. When we were finished, both sides were really proud of what we created together.


How Drop Studio can support you

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