Among the many inspiring crowdfunding stories in our portfolio, today we have decided to focus on one intriguing medical project - ZoomDoc. With a goal of £500,000, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign in November 2017, to fund the further development of their platform. ZoomDoc ended its crowdfunding campaign with £540,695 raised.

ZoomDoc Crowdfunding - The brand

ZoomDoc is reinventing the way patients communicate with GPs by pioneering an advanced option to help patients receive great care whenever and wherever they need it. Getting to work with ZoomDoc was a pleasant experience and really helped us understand the positive impacts technology can have in the medical sector. ZoomDoc is an on-demand GP service providing over 300 trustworthy GPs who are on-call 24/7 and consult patients in minutes. The doctors are available to visit, diagnose, treat, refer and prescribe medication as needed. The brand believes that in this day and age, no one should have to wait to get well. There are no membership fees or hidden costs making the service accessible to everyone.

ZoomDoc Crowdfunding - How Drop Studio supported them

ZoomDoc needed our support with crowdfunding video production for their campaign on Seedrs. Drop Studio’s team planned alongside ZoomDoc to decide on the creative direction of the video, aiming to show how the application works, how a GP is contacted, how the online or physical interaction between patient and GP pans out, and why investors should hop on board to back this ingenious medical platform. The concept is new, therefore we needed to explain the app concisely and highlight its USPs through engaging animations. It was with that concept that we first started drafting their content for the script. Working with Zoomdoc was quite an experience. They gave us a great insight into the healthcare industry and how technology is currently disrupting it.

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